August 6, 2015



This week has been all over the place. Literally. Don't know if I've mentioned it to y'all, but my body has been struggling lately. It's literally that scripture that says the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I was doing really good all week long, and then all of a sudden my body crashed and burned. And then I did okay and I died again. It was awful. So I got a priesthood blessing and ever since then, I've been just fine. I feel normal again. And I know that it's only by the grace of God that I can think clearly and move my limbs without feeling like I'm going to fall over. So guess what, the priesthood is for realz!! It works and I'm so grateful for it, because I don't know how I'd be able to keep enduring without that simple blessing I received. It's amazing. God is helping me, but only because I asked for it and had faith that He would help me.

This week we did A LOT of service. And like all on one day, too. But it was super fun. We scooped muck out of a pond and played with kittens and did their dishes and made dinner for some less actives (and then they shared the dinner message with us :) win win, we get to practice cooking and learn their cooking secrets and then they get to teach the missionaries and learn from themselves!) and digging holes. It was great :) I love doing service, not just because I sometimes get to wear my jeans but because you can just feel the Spirit that that really is something that Christ would do for that person. I love it!!

I got my death papers this week. That was a terrifying experience. Open the mailbox and the only thing in it are the papers that tell you your travel itinerary. And I did something trunky this week....I wrote on the dinner calendar that it was my last week as a missionary in a couple weeks so that more people would sign up to feed us. Hasn't worked quite yet, but one less active that never feeds us signed up!! So that's good :)

Also this week, well actually just yesterday, I had food adventures. Again. So remember how last week I told you that I got sick off of chicken? (Did I tell you that?) Well we went back to the same family for dinner last night, and they fed us salmon. Yeah. And they were like, don't worry it doesn't taste fishy! LIES. It was so fishy. They had like this mango pineapple kiwi bell pepper cilantro thing that you put on it, and man I ate so much of that stuff to try and help myself not gag. And the whole time they were like, oh isn't it good? NO. I'M DYING HERE!! And then Sis. Johnson and I both got pretty sick from it, and it was NOT GOOD. We're still feeling the tummy aches this morning.

But anyways. Patrick is doing great!! He's retaining everything and he's really opening up to us a ton, which is great. He is so stoked. He's getting all ready for baptism, and your continued prayers for him are much appreciated!! We are hoping that he's going to be able to house sit for a guy who's going to Mexico for a couple months, so please pray RIGHT NOW that that will happen because we find out tonight if it's going to work or not!!

Your challenge this week is to look for all the answers to your prayers. I promise they are there, so look for them!

And your scripture is Moroni 7:31-32 because I stumbled across it and really REALLY like it :)

I love you all tons :) Don't forget it!!
Sister Gah'yii'sii

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