July 13, 2015

Flash Floods, the Fourth, and Fried Skin

It's a Monday again!

Flash Flood!
That means you get the privilege of listening to me get up on my soap box again :) The good kind of soap box. At least I think it's alright...

First of all, we met with the new mission president, President Adams this week! We drove alllllllllll the way to Cortez and spent the night with Sis. Panoussi and her trainee, Sis. Brennan. They were fun :) It was weird to be back in Cortez again. I missed Pagosa, haha! We had a zone conference where President and Sister Adams introduced themselves and we got to meet them and have an interview....it was kind of awkward, my interview with President. He asked how long I'd been out and I had to tell him 17 months and he was sad with me! He was like oh man, that means I don't get to know you very well before you go. Yeah, talk about sad! But then it was okay because he asked me what some of the things I'd learned were and I got to share some of my experiences with him and it was really cool. The Spirit was strong, and I definitely know he's my mission president for a reason :)

Also, I had the biggest tender mercy from Heavenly Father this week :) The zone conference was for all the missionaries in the Utah and Durango zones, so basically all the missionaries in UT and CO. So, Sis. Johnson spilled some of her granola from her parfait on the kitchen floor in the Cortez church, and we were on our way to get a broom and I hear someone say "Hey Sis. Garcia, the goat man in La Sal says hello!" I turned around and it was this elder who was serving in La Sal, Paradox, and Monticello. So I about died and we started talking about La Sal and he told me all about the people I was asking about and I was able to give him some information on some people I knew in La Sal....ahhhh it was so nice. I haven't heard how all these people I love have been doing for a while, and it was just so sweet to be able to get that update on some of them :) It made me so happy.

Now for a sad but kind of funny story. We got a referral for a part member family this week, and we went to go see them. Normal missionary thing to do. So we saw lights on when we were driving home at like 8:30 one night and we thought well lets go see them! So we did and they let us in and the husband (the nonmember) said "which one of you is Sister Garcia?" I'd never met him before, so I said it's me! And he said "Thank you for making me some money!" And I just looked at him confused and he laughed and said "I own Walters Auto Body Shop. The lady that you backed into came to me to get the dent in her car fixed! So thanks!" Well that just made me feel super small. I wanted to shrivel up and die right then and there! How embarrassing!! And then his wife proceeded to tell stories about how here brother totaled her car when he didn't have his license yet and all this stuff and I felt a little better. Also, we found out from the Cortez sisters that Sis. Johnson's last companion also backed into something last week, so I don't feel AS bad, but I still feel bad!!!

And something else funny.....we walked around all day on the 4th talking to all the tourists because Pagosa goes ALL OUT for the 4th. So we just explored all the fairs and the farmers markets and stuff that were going on and that night, someone looked at Sis. Johnson and said "oh my goodness your glowing!" She got SUPER sunburnt. And guess who didn't!? That's right, yours truly! She's standing next to me, bright red, and I'm standing next to her, at least two shades darker than when I started! It was great :) Well, not great that her sunburn is still hurting, but great that I got a tan!!

This week we've made a lot of progress with some of the members we had lessons with this week :) For example, last night we had dinner with that member that didn't want to change her seat in the chapel, and the Spirit was SO STRONG. We were able to testify that God is preparing people for them to share their testimonies with, and we committed each of them individually to come to a lesson with us :) So the son who's a junior is coming to a lesson with one of the recent converts in the ward, and the mom and daughter are coming to a lesson with a less active who just lost her mother-in-law, and we'll snag the dad for something when we set up something in the evenings :) Or on a Sunday. PERFECT. I just love being able to remind the members that they do have the power to change lives, just as much as we do.

AND GUESS WHAT!?!?!? Your prayers have been working :) We picked up a new investigator this week!! YEAH! So excited :) His name is Patrick and he has a crazy history. He's taken lessons from the missionaries like 2 times before and he's been almost baptized before, and he hasn't been able to because he has to have surgery and then gets addicted to the pain medicine. He has a looooong history of drug abuse, and he just got out of detox a while ago. But we met him at a less active's house and he told us he wanted to take the lessons! So we started teaching him this week and he's just fantastic. Everyone who knows Patrick is saying that he seems different than any of the other times he's taken the lessons. It's so great :) You can just feel how strong his desire to learn is, and I'm so excited to be able to teach him!! We put him on date for August 8th, so that's when he should be baptized. I just have this incredible feeling that he's going to make it :) It's that hope in the Atonement that I feel for him!! It's the best feeling in the WHOLE WORLD.

And I wanted to talk about that feeling, that power for a second, too. So bear with my scattered thoughts. We ran into a lady this week that I hadn't seen since like my first week in Pagosa, and we asked her if she wanted to take the lessons, and she basically told us no because she was comfortable where she was and didn't want to change. Well, that got me and Sis. Johnson, and it really made me think about how this life, and this gospel, is all about change, that it's VITAL to change and grow. Because if you're not growing....your being idle, and if you're idle, then it's no bueno. It means you're digressing and not progressing. So change. Do it! Change is what makes the difference in you, is the difference between celestial and terrestrial, is the difference between becoming like your Savior and not using His Atoning sacrifice. So just remember that as you go about your week this week.

Your challenge this week is to pick something that you want to work on, and change it. So, like have more meaningful prayers or choose to feast rather than read your scriptures, or participate more in Sunday School. Something. Work on it :) Get better!!

And your scriptures are 1 John 1:7-10 and Moses 1:39 and Doctrine and Covenants 88:22

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