July 13, 2015

It's Time For A Rant!

Hello my friends and family!!!

I love you all a whole lot, and I hope you know that!

I'm staying in Pagosa Springs for my last transfer :) My new companion is Sis. Johnson, and I'm stoked! I pick her up tonight and we'll start working hard tomorrow! Sis. Fisi'italia is going to be with her trainer, Sis. Huch, in Gallup for Sis. Huch's last transfer. CRAZY!! She and I have defied all odds in companionships :)

NOTE: I was informed that Pagosa Springs is notorious for losing mail....sooooo if I don't write you back soon that's why. Okay? Okay.

So I got bit by 20 mosquitos this week. Yeah. In 5 minutes, on the Riverwalk, talking to a lady who was walking across the continental divide, whatever that is. She said it was like this cross-America hike basically. She was crazy, but yeah I got bit by a billion bugs and Sis. F just watched it happen. Sigh, still recovering.

Had my last interview with President Batt!! He leaves on Monday, next Monday, when the new mission president comes. I'm excited to meet President Adams, but I'm sad to see the Batts go!

We sang I Am a Child of God in English, Tongan, and Navajo this week! Yep, I felt pretty cool. We sang it for the Batts before they left, and then for a couple of the members before Sis. F leaves.

Now that I got that all covered, I'm going to rant about two things.

FIRST. I ACCIDENTALLY backed into an 80 year old lady's car this week. Yeah. How does that happen??? Well, this may sound dumb, but I feel like it was supposed to happen based on the way that everything worked out. We were meeting a member in the Subway parking lot, and she called and told us she had fallen asleep and was going to be about 15 minutes late. So, we decided to go check the mail. Well, I started backing up, and mis-judged the distance between me and this cute little lady's parked car, and I looked at the front of the car to make sure I didn't hit the car that was parked next to me. It just so happened that I looked right when Sis. F told me to stop. So yeah. It happened. Not sure of what happened after that, other than THREE members showed up in the parking lot right after it happened, and Sis. F went and told them what happened as I was filling out the paper stuff with the lady (who, by the way, walked out of the nail salon 2 minutes after the accident so I knew what to do then). And then, I had a breakdown because I just felt so bad and then we had to cancel with the member who was running late because we had another appointment and when we got there, the member who brought the recent convert to the lesson brought us lemonades. Yeah. Let me tell you, God knows me. He knows that I needed that sweet little act of a nasty (it was accidentally carbonated) lemonade to reassure me that it was okay. And then the next day I had to tell the mission president in interviews.

SECOND. I've been studying judging lately because it seems like that's a really big issue with the members here in Pagosa. They get mad because other people judge and then judge others. It's horrible to watch. And, they jump to conclusions based on false doctrine, or sources that are not from our Heavenly Father. It's crazy. I don't even know how to rant about it because it just gets me so flustered. But here's what I want you to know. Stick to the scriptures. Rely on God to help you make those good and righteous judgments about others. Keep your nose in your business, unless it's your calling from an inspired priesthood leader to know what goes on with others. Don't think negatively of others. Remember you don't know the whole situation. Trust that the Spirit guides you and those around you. Don't forget that others are prompted to be bold, too. Humility is vital to salvation. Focus on Christ, not on the finer details of the stories that He told. Find the meaning, not the details.

Basically, just be positive. Be happy! Don't let others drag you down. You have the power to be happy. You know what's right. You know that God knows the thoughts and the hearts and the reasons behind other people and their actions/words/thoughts. And if you don't know, find out. Because I know that God doesn't want there to be contention between people. But I also know that God needs you and me to be bold and, when prompted by the Spirit, to help them change.

So your challenge this week is to judge righteously. To focus on Christ and pray for that gift of discernment so that you can make decisions based on the Spirit.

And to help ya out, your scriptures are James 3:9-10, James 4:12, and Moroni 7:13. And James is a super good book in the Bible that you all should study :)

I love you tons!! Be good this week!
Sister Garcia

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