March 24, 2013

Word of the Week: Remember

Remember. The first thing I think of is The Lion King

Why is it important that we remember things? Obviously, we've been given a far-more-advanced brain than the rest of the planet. One of the capabilities of that brain is remembering past experiences, both the good and the bad, whether we like it or not.

I think we remember the bad stuff to learn. It doesn't always seem fair, to remember mistakes we or other people have made; but I know I have learned so much from my own past. It's sometimes hard to relive those experiences, but I think it's necessary for us to remember, so that we can progress.

I think we remember the good to keep us on the right path. If we could only remember the bad stuff, it would almost drive us to do bad things. We wouldn't be able to relive those happy moments, and we would feel like happiness never existed. I'm grateful for the happy memories I've retained, because they help me to become that person I know I'm meant to be.

So as you and I remember who we are, where we've come from, and what we are meant to be, let us not dwell on past mistakes too long. It will affect our futures, whether we intend for it to or not. Remember the good, and become that person that your Father knows you can be, because you are meant to be great.

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