March 21, 2013


A wise friend once told me that I define me. So I got to do I define myself? What makes me, me? What's so great about my small self compared to the world? And then it kind of hit me: I can't define myself by comparing me to the world. It's unfair. I am unique, you are unique, and the world does not compare. I made a small list of the things I love about myself, the things that define me.

I love the smell of the earth right after it rains.
I love gray skies and cloudy days.
I love my eyes, my hair, my smile.
I love to laugh. The belly-jiggling, eyes-watering, can't-breathe sort of laugh.
I love the gifts I've been given, like public speaking skills and the ability to connect doctrines and ideas to myself and real-life situations.
I love staying at home more than hanging out with friends (most of the time).
I love to travel and explore new places and cultures.
I love life's a-ha moments.
I love my close friends and my wonderful family so so much and I am beyond grateful for their influence and examples.
I love being able to paint nails in fun ways.
I love my irrational fear of the Cheshire Cat (yes, I'm being serious. it makes me more interesting).
I love that I am slow to anger and easy to please. Most of the time.
I love my more reserved nature (it protects me. I have lots of internal reflections without worry and the people I do open myself up to have my complete and total trust).
I love playing psychologist to all my friends. (it makes me appreciate the trials I have and the life I am living).
I love having imperfect eyes (it makes me appreciate modern technology like contacts and appreciate the world as it really is).
I love thinking.
I love thinking about the unknown.
I love thinking of what God has given me (which is everything).
I love feeling the Holy Ghost and recognizing when He is speaking to me on behalf of my Father in Heaven.
I love knowing my Heavenly Father loves me and all my "imperfections," because that's the way He made me to be, and He made me beautiful to Him, not the world.

So...what is your definition of YOU?

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