March 17, 2013

Word of the Week: Courage

Courage takes a lot of effort. It means you have integrity, that you aren't hypocrtical. It means you share your talents, not bury them. It means you fight your daily battles and don't bend your standards for anything. It means you act out of concern for others. It is an enabling power.

A person who has courage, I think, doesn't waiver; they're not wishy-washy. They declare what they know with boldness, with passion, and stand by it through the hardest of times. They open their mouths and let the words flow, but they know when to stop, when enough is enough.

Don't be afraid of what the world thinks of you! Walk with your head held high, be confident, be mighty, be beautiful...because you are (it's cheesy but so true). Have you ever seen this? There are some people I see who carry themselves like this, and I am im awe of them. So much is said about them, both good and bad, and yet they have the courage to keep their head up and ignore it. They know who they are and won't back down. Ever

So my word for this week is courage. I'm going to strive to be more courageous this week. I'll speak with more boldness, be full of integrity, and walk with my head held high, carrying myself with confidence, might, and beauty. 

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