March 12, 2013

Learning to Fall

Everybody falls. That's just how life goes! Penguins fall, monkeys I'm sure fall every once in a while, squirrels, and of course, humans. But we fall in more than one way; we can fall physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All of these falls hurt. But my friend told me once that, "If you fall, you fall. That's how you learn." And it's so true! Of course physically falling hurts, but when we get back on our feet and shake off the dust, we can come back more confident and more aware of the things around us. We learn the most, I think, after spiritual falls because we are humble enough to listen for what it is we have to do or not do again. Emotionally, we learn what situations to avoid, what people to beware of, and most importantly what makes us happy. If we know what makes us happy and what doesn't, wouldn't it be easier to choose happiness the next time? If penguins can get back up and successfully move on, then I'm sure we can arise, shake off the dust, and learn.

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