March 5, 2013

We Are Prepared

She let her mind wander. It seemed to soar and swoop, ready to explore new and intriguing thoughts. She rolled over to look af the clock. 10:30. She groaned. She had an early start the next morning with lots of things to do as the sun rose from behind the earth. She tried to control her mind, to contain its energy. Slowly, her mind began its descent into the depths of sleep. She could see in her minds eye the ground, the sleep that was about to overpower her. But something went wrong. Her world began to tilt. She was slipping sideways, about to fall. She jerked to right herself, heart pounding, mind sprinting with energy anew. As her mind slowed, she realized that the whole time, she'd been perfectly still, prepared to slip into the depths of sleep.

We may feel this way sometimes, in a more leader-like sense. We are so full of energy, ready to tackle the world and all it's got to throw at us. But then, something goes wrong and we feel we aren't ready. We back out, or jerk away, and shirk the responsibility we've been given, when all along we've been prepared. We are meant for great things, yet we sell ourselves short. Why? I don't think I'll ever know. But this I do know, that the times we do follow through with the great things we've prepared for, the responsibilities we've been given, will always end up being some of the greatest and most memorable experiences of all. 

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