July 13, 2015

Malo E Lelei

That's Tongan :) For hello. I'm learning a little bit! Sis. Fisi'italia taught me I Am a Child of God in Tongan, and now I'm trying to teach it to her in Navajo. Look at all these fun language skills coming into play! It's super fun.

So this week has been really really good. The work is slowly starting to pick up, and it's getting me SO stoked to keep going and to keep working hard. It's still slow, and it's still hard to find things to do, but things are going.

Also, by the way, in case you didn't remember, this is a short transfer....so this is the last week of the transfer! Which means it's time to send me mail as fast as you can :P Just kidding, not really. You don't have to. But, yes, last week of the transfer. Next week starts the beginning of the end, and so you don't ask me and make me more trunky, here are the details that I know so far. I get home August 12th, I'll go back to school August 31st, and I have to go to the doctor and dentist and all that stuff in between those days. Sure, I'm excited, but I want to keep focused and keep working as hard as I can because this is all the time I have to work hard. Please, please, please don't talk about how long I have left, unless it's absolutely necessary! You all have been doing such a wonderful job so far, and I'm so proud of you :) So keep it up!

So back to this week. We had two flash flood warnings, one on exchanges, and the other during district lunch. So that was intense cuuuuuz it really did happen. But it was a fun adventure and we all need the water! So that was good. Except on exchanges I had to run across the church parking lot while it was dumping and my shoes got soaked through and were soaked the rest of the day. But it was actually kind of fun.

Also, they've started counting how many service hours we do and for who. So this week, we had a grand total of 10 hours of service! That's a whole value project! It was qutie fun. We did service for a potential and for a less active and for our ward mission leader and all this stuff. It was great. We picked up bags of manure and mushroom.....something about mushroom manure, I don't really know what it was. We cleaned a garage, helped people move, helped put some dresses together for Africa, and all this other awesome stuff. It's awesome :)

So I'm going to follow up!! How has being bold been going?? Any fun stories? I told a man that praying for his kids wasn't enough, that he needed to be the example and come to church and act on his prayers. He got really quiet. Haha it was kind of funny, but I was serious and I think he knew it. So he came to church...just sacrament but he came. It was great!

We had exchanges this week. Double working is so stressful. But they were fun and we had an awesome training on the Atonement from our lovely sister training leader. And then Sis. F trained about it in district meeting the next day. It was great! You can never study the Atonement too much.

Also, we got a miraculous referral! ONe of the members came running up to us after relief society and said SISTERS I have someone you can teach!! So of course we got super stoked. Basically, her friend saw a little bit of her garments and started asking questions and just ended by saying I want to learn more. So, the member is going to set up this picnic thing where we'll get to meet her and teach her the gospel! I'm so stoked. Sis. F and I have been working so hard at bei ng more obedient and working hard to know what we should do to find more investigators, and right after making that resolve, voila! Referral that seems to be SUPER ELECT.

Your challenge this week is to study the scriptures and really really FEAST on them. According to your needs, which means that you need it everyday (in case you forgot).

And your scripture is Job 1-3 and Mosiah 2:41. I'm on a Job kick, so you should study his story with me.

Love you!!
Sister Garcia

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