July 13, 2015

Loooooong Week!

Hello family and friends!!!

So this week has been a long one. And this one coming is going to be pretty long too.

Ahead we've got exchanges in Farmington tonight and tomorrow, then driving all the way to Cortez (passing through Kirtland, my old area, and Shiprock, Sis. Johnson's old area!) Tuesday night and spending the night with the sisters there, and then going to zone conference Wednesday morning.

Pray for me. They asked me to sing for zone conference. I ABOUT DIED. Ask Sis. Johnson. The elders called and were like "sooooo the Utah zone leaders called us and asked if we could ask you a favor....can you sing on Wednesday for zone conference with one of the sisters in the Utah zone?" Me: ".......HOW DID THEY FIND OUT!?!?! I'm gonna kill Sister Brady if she ratted me out. Are you kidding me?? Are you serious??" Elders: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes we're serious! I don't know how they found out!" So I proceeded to freak out on the phone while Sis. Johnson and the elders all laughed at me. I'm legitimately freaking out though!! Nobody knows that I can sing, cuz I only sang like the one time with Sis. Valdez (but all those missionaries are home) and then one other time in front of missionaries when we had that Christmas party and I sang with Sis. Waite. There are only a few culprits that it could be.....

So yeah. This transfer, I've already trained twice in district meeting (the two that we've had this transfer) and now I'm singing, on top of giving my departing testimony. It's like God's making up for all the times He let me go "under the radar" before.

In other news, I got scratched by a kitten! Hence the picture of me pointing at my arm. I was holding it and it decided it no longer wanted to be in my arms...

We went exploring with our ward list this week out in the boonies on our way home from district meeting. We found a less active guy named Wyatt who's super funny, and then we took this long road that connected this one part of the boonies to the other part....it's like a one lane dirt road where it looks like tigers and bears and mountain lions are going to pop out of nowhere and eat you. It was crazy. But, it was super fun and we got some good pictures! Haha but yeah it was cool.

In other news, Patrick is doing great! He came to church this week, and got invited to a family home evening with a bunch of the old people in the ward and loved it! The less active lady he's living with (we're going to talk about it this week, don't worry) goes SUPER deep doctrine, and he's so good at tuning it out!! It's a miracle. But, it's awesome because we committed the less active lady to quit smoking and she promised that she would be free of cigarettes for 30 days before Patrick's baptism. Well, it's like less than 30 days away now, and she's doing great!! I'm so proud of her :) And Patrick is doing really good, he's really progressing and opening up to us a lot and accepting everything :) it's so fantastic!!

We picked up another person this week too! Her name is Allie and she's great :) She asked what the Book of Mormon was and we said well lets read the introduction! So we did and she was like this makes so much sense!! And then we finished those last two paragraphs and invited her to be baptized and she said YES!! First lesson :) It was so exciting and such a testimony builder to me!! We invited her to be baptized on August 15th, so pray that she'll make it there!

Well out of time! Your challenge this week is to have more meaningful family prayers and family scripture studies. And if you don't have a family yet, then individual ones :)

And your scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 88:22, and Ether 12:4 :)

Love you tons!!

Sister Garcia

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