July 20, 2015

Go Go Go Go Go

Hey all you lovely people :) How's it going? It's another new week to do amazing things!

But man has this last week been exhausting. I mean, more than usual. I can't remember if I told you last week (I think I did) but in case I didn't, here's what happened.

Monday. After email, we drove all the way to Farmington. Well, we went to Aztec Ruins first, and it was awesome. We took some awesome pictures (see below) and it was just really fun. Plus, I think I got a little more tan. AND I don't think I told you, but with all the tourists that come through Pagosa, we decided to try and get all fifty states in one transfer, so we're at like 42 now, and we saw a Hawaii when we went to the Ruins. We were so stoked!! My planner is thoroughly covered in states stickers in the back to prove that we saw all of them :) But yeah the ruins were great. But by the time we finished and went to Farmington on exchanges, I was feeling sick and we were both exhausted from the drive and being in the sun. So we went to the Family Home Evening in YSA and just were little zombies. It's kind of funny now, but it wasn't then.

I found out, too, that one of my favorite elders (Elder Quijano, he came out with me) went home this week because of a back injury he had before his mission. He went home this week for surgery, but it was fun to see him before he left! He was so proud to be able to even have just finished a sister's mission :)

Tuesday. Exchanges all day in Farmington, and then that night we drove to Cortez. It was fun cuz we went through Kirtland, and Shiprock, which I haven't seen in a while. It was great! And we had blow up air mattresses this time so we didn't have to sleep on the floor or awful couch cushions in Cortez! It was great :) We had fun with Sis. Panoussi and Sis. Brennan.

Wednesday. Zone conference round two. It was CRAZY. We got there early so I could practice singing with the other sister, and it turns out that one of the elders (we made him play the piano) that I served with in St. Michael's is the one who asked me to sing because he remembered that we all had to sing for ward choir. Sigh. But it went really well, according to Sis. Johnson! I sat down and one of the elders that goes home with me told me I did a good job and I was like thanks, I'm freaking out and then I held out my hands and they were shaking, hard core. It was crazy! But it went well. Then, I was the first one to give my departing testimony. I started strong, cried a little in the middle, and by the time I finished, I wasn't crying anymore. It was great. And then of course Sis. Panoussi got up and didn't shed a tear. But some of the elders did, and it was cool because I knew all the elders that I was going home with and it just felt right. There was definitely a sweeter spirit there than usual from those departing testimonies, but maybe it's cuz I had to give mine, too.

And then we drove home. That seemed to take forever, but we made it just a little late for dinner with this couple we hadn't met before. But we made it, and then went home and died, pretty much. We were so tired.

Thursday. We met Brandie. SHE'S AWESOME. She's a friend of one of the members in our ward, and she came to lunch with us and the member. She started asking questions about where we were from and stuff and then the member explained what missionaries do, and Brandie said well I want to do that! How can I do that? And the member said just get baptized and we'll go! And Brandie said okay, how do I do that? Let's do it! So we told her that we teach people and prepare them for baptism and she was like sweet and instantly set up regular times for us to meet twice a week and promised to come to church all three hours (she did!). And then one of her friends walked into the restaurant and her friend asked what she was doing and she said "oh, just joining a new church!" She's amazing :) I love her to death. Pray for her! We're going to start officially teaching her tomorrow :D

Friday. We saw Patrick! He's doing great. I think I mentioned before that he's living with one of the less active ladies in the ward, and this week, we taught the Law of Chastity. Oh man we were so afraid this less active lady was going to explode on us and get angry, but she didn't. It was great! They have a mother-son relationship, because she's 70 and he's 50, and they act like a son and mother relationship, too. But they said they were looking for a place for him, and the doctor was looking for a place for him, but they were working on it. And then the less active lady pipes up and says "And if worse comes to worst, then I'll marry him." HA! And then we looked at Patrick and he looked terrified. It was so funny!! So please pray that Patrick will find a place!!

Saturday. Went to an art show downtown to talk to people and share the gospel with them. Met this guy who sold "gittars" made out of cigar boxes. So he made them and they had between one and four strings, and they were so cool!! He kindly took a picture of us jamming out with these. But in reality, my fingers are incapable of playing the chords and stuff. The guy tried to explain how and my fingers wouldn't do it, haha! But he was fun, and he seems like he'd want to learn more!

Sunday. Our ward mission leader's son gave his farewell talk. He leaves on the 29th for his mission, and it was awesome. He's gonna do great. There's so many good things happening in Pagosa, and it's awesome to see and be apart of all of this progress! It's already changed a lot in the time that I've been here, and I'm so excited for all the changes I'll continue to see, in the ward and in myself, too.

SO your challenge this week is to write somebody a thoughtful note. I'm not saying it has to be me, but to someone that you just want to have a little pep in their step for that day.

And your scripture is 3 Nephi 27:20-21

I love you all tons and hope everything goes well for you this week!!

Keep being awesome!
Sister Garcia

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