August 6, 2015

Himalayans and Potentials


So let me start with the joke so I don't forget to explain the title of this email. The Archuleta County Fair was this week, and one of the members took us to the Chuckwagon BBQ for dinner there and then took us on a tour of the fair and pointed out all the less actives we didn't know that we should visit. It was AWESOME. So we were walking around and looking at the animals that were going to be auctioned and the vegetables that won competitions and all that and at one point the member (who is in the bishopric) was showing us his daughter's rabbits. And then he said "these are Himalayan rabbits. Did you know there's a lot of Himalayans on the Rez?" And we were so confused and we were like, really? And he looked all around to make sure there were no Natives around and said "Yeah, Him-a-layin there and him-a-layin over der." It was HILARIOUS. Awful, but hilarious. If you don't get it.....well I'm sorry keep reading it until you do :)

Update on Patrick! He's doing AWESOME!! He's now on date for the 15th because he and the less active lady he lived with got into a fight and it stressed him out so he turned to a cigarette. BUT he is clean now and he is living with a recent convert and it's just amazing all around. I'm so happy for him. Sure I'm sad that I won't be at his baptism, but it's how missionary life goes and I know that he's following the right path. Plus (warning, trunky comment) I'll just call him after he's baptized and be like Patrick this is the best!!

Also, miracle!! This week we were planning that we needed to try a bunch of people in the downtown area. So we made a big list and said let's do this. So we started by going to give a Book of Mormon to one of our member's friends, and then visiting with some ladies in a jewelry store that we hadn't invited to learn more about the gospel yet, and then visited another less active in her shop and she told us all these amazing feelings she had about faith and Christ and it was awesome! So we were walking back to the car when we saw this investigator lady that we hadn't seen in a while, and she told us about his place that was like a food bank and they were giving away food that day and we should get some. So immediately, I thought about David, the man who was homeless that was supposed to get baptized when I first got to Pagosa. Well, we were like okay let's go get him some food. So we go and it turns out to be a Methodist church that gives away food and they look at us funny and tell us that they don't usually allow people to sign other people up to get food, but he said "you two look really honest, so I'll let it happen this time." And we thanked him profusely and drove the food to David's motel room. AND WE SAW DAVID!! And he was happy and didn't seem as drained and he told us he wanted to start meeting with us again. AHHH! I was so excited. God just put us where we needed to be one right after the other so that we could touch a ton of people's lives. It was amazing to be an instrument in His hands like that and to see so many miracles one right after the other!!

This week's just been full of miracles. Sis. Fisi'italia and I started doing service at the Humane Society every week. We do dishes for the cats and then brush them and play with the kittens. It's so dang fun. We've been working up a really great relationship with the lady that works there, she's in her 20s, and she's from California. Funny how that happens, huh? Haha so this week we went in like usual and she started asking us questions about the church and telling us that she and her boyfriend were looking for a church to go to and that God must've placed us in her path to help her find His church. YES YES YES!!! That's exactly what we're here for!! So we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and she said she would!! So we're going back tomorrow to see how she liked it and to do some more service of course. So excited!! Tons of miracles like that have happened this week :)

Also, an old lady forgot she had signed up to feed us dinner yesterday, after fasting. So awkward. Ended up with frozen chimichangas :)

So this week your challenge is to go to the temple. A lot. Like as much as you can!

And your scriptures are Doctrine and Covenants 36:8, 123:12-15, and 127:4

I love you tons!!

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