June 7, 2015

Sulfur and Chaos

So Pagosa. Smells like sulfur downtown, which we have to drive through to get to and from where most people live. Covers a HUGE area and we have not a lot of miles, so that is stressful. I've met some of the people that Sis. Bowler put on her list of people I needed to see and talk to and man have they all been so nice...but so crazy. People in Pagosa are awesome, though. I love them already and they are just so awesome to missionaries.

Found out that I am approximately 5 hours away from Christian. Pretty sweet.

I ate buffalo yesterday. Yep. In the form of a delicious burger. I really like buffalo. It's better than beef. We went "hiking" with one of our investigators (it turned out to just be a drive cuz the place she wanted to take us to was out of the mission boundaries) and she took us to lunch and she dared me to try it and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it.

It seems like I got transferred out of Cortez just in time!! I saw the sisters on Thursday at zone training (which we were late to due to construction...awkward) and they told me that there was a tornado warning in Cortez....and that they had biked to this super far road and wondered why the clouds were so dark. Thank goodness the elders had enough consideration to call and make sure they were okay, and thank goodness they were in a lesson. But still that's terrifying.

Sis. Fisi'italia is amazing!! She appreciated the letters you sent, so thanks for doing that!! She is also hilarious. She had some pretty good quotes from this week, so I think I'm going to make a list of funny things she says every week for you. Here's this week.

"What's the word I can never remember for people who don't work anymore?"
"HI-YA!" (That's like at least 15 times a day, and it's the cutest thing in the world)
"You have to help me with English. I can't speak English!"
"What are toes?"....OH, I thought you said toast!"

She's so funny. Maybe that's something you have to be there for and hear her accent for...but either way it's so cute.

Now I want to tell you about Dan . My first full day in Pagosa (so Wednesday). Our last appointment is with this potential named Dan . We had some members come out with us and the dad who came said I know a Dan, he was a Baptist preacher once. Well, we pull up and I look through the window and I said he's bald! And the dad said "that's the ex-Baptist preacher." Sooooo yeah. The lesson went really well, and the Spirit was so strong. But then, at the end, we asked if he had any questions, and he unleashed the Bible-bashing kraken. Yep, it happened. So we went home late that night because he thought we were making up excuses just to get out of the "daggers" he was trying to throw at us. But no, we were like 20 minutes late getting home.

Well, that's about all I have time for today!

Your challenge this week is to invite a stranger to church. YEAH. It's exciting. Do it, I dare you! And pray lots and I promise that God will help you know who to invite and how to invite them. I promise you will see amazing things happen!!

And your scriptures are all of John 11, and Hebrews 6:15.

I love you tons, and I hope you all will continue to be awesome!
Sister Garcia

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