June 7, 2015

It's Because I'm Not Brown, Isn't It?

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! Happy June!

So yeah, pretty much every person we meet that speaks Spanish looks at me funny when I introduce myself as Sis. Garcia. One of the members here is from Mexico and he won't let it go. He keeps saying stuff like "well, if Sis. Garcia spoke Spanish," or "well SIs. Garcia is part Mexican," and all that good stuff. It's hilarious. And our ward mission leader is like full blooded Mexican, but he doesn't speak any Spanish, but he also makes fun of me. It's great. Now I've been going around telling people to look at how great my tan is and then they laugh. But then I show them how white I am underneath my watch and they're kind of like oh, maybe she really is part Mexican!

This week we got a new truck. The old one had a dent in it, so they replaced it. But, I don't like it as much. I'M TOO SHORT for the dang Tacomas! I can't see as well over the hood or out the back, and Sis. F can't hardly get in the car without using the hand thing! It's crazy. I miss the Nissan. But, we will survive.

Also, I got to split more woods. It was one of the happiest moments for me :) I was so stoked to be able to split woods and get to feel that victory ricochet through my arms as the woods split beneath me. Yep. It was awesome. And I received the nickname of Paul Bunyan from one of the members....not sure how to take that one, but I'm rolling with it! We have tons of service opportunities scheduled for this week, now that it's getting warmer and not raining. I'm so stoked to help people while wearing jeans!!

The famous words of Sis. Fisi'italia this week:
1. She can never remember the word divorced: "what's it called when two people don't like each other and don't live with each other anymore?"
2. She says tissue cute. The Jacquez's (our ward mission leader's family) made fun of her yesterday for it.
3. "I miss mangoes and pineapples and bananas, straight from the tree! They're so much better than this American fruit. That's all I talked to my family about when I skyped."

She's adorable. I love her.

And David! So David is an investigator. He was supposed to get baptized last week, but things got crazy and he got sick and all these other things and he didn't get baptized. He actually disappeared and like wouldn't answer his phone and stuff. Oh, and by the way he was homeless, and he only has a place to live because he's working for the motel and his payment is his room. So. Yeah it's complicated. But, we found him last Monday and were able to talk to him about coming back and taking the lessons and getting baptized. He agreed to meet with us again on Wednesday, and he told us everything that's been going on and then said that he wants to get baptized as soon as possible. So that's a relief! He's so solid and he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I've never wanted to hug anyone so much on my mission because he just looked lost and confused but you could see how bad he wants to be baptized and how much he knows it's true! It's the greatest. No, I didn't hug him, I resisted that. But, he is set for baptism on June 20th, so please pray that he will make it there!! He's doing awesome so far, and it's just a matter of his health allowing him to be baptized.

He's the only person that's really progressing. It's driving me insane, meeting with other people that we have in our teaching pool. A lot of them aren't doing a whole lot, they just like the missionaries coming. So, Pagosa needs a pick me up! We're working on speeding up the work and finding more people to teach so that they can keep moving forward. So pray for that, too.

Your challenge is to have more meaningful prayers! Cuz that's always something we can work on. I've kind of been slacking on them, so I'm going to work on them too.

And your scriptures are Jacob 1:8 and Jacob 7:25

I love you!! Have a great week!!
Sister Garcia

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