May 18, 2015

Rain. Lots of Rain.

Why hello again!! 'Tis Monday, which means you get an email from me! Yep.

I hope you have had a fantastic week! Mine's been up and down and all around. I've been feeling like I was going to get transferred all week, but then I'd psych myself out and convince myself that I was going to stay, and so that was all back and forth. I got sick, SIs. Bowler got sick, then I got better and then just got exhausted. If this is how the rest of my mission is going to go....I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.

But, the conclusion is that I'm getting transferred :) I'm going to Pagosa Springs, CO, home to a brand new Walmart, some hot springs that smell like sulfur, and lots and lots of tourists. What they come for, I don't know, I'll find out. Elevation of 7300 feet, which I'm stoked for because that mean it won't be as hot as...say...California, or Arizona, or New Mexico. So I'm really excited about that one.

My companion is Sis. Fis'iitalia (I'm not sure on spelling....but it's pronounced like fee-see-ih-tal-eea). She's from Tonga :) Sis. Huch, one of my MTC companions, trained her, and she's spent the last three transfers with Sis. Fackrell (whose spot I am taking in Pagosa). I'm so excited. Sis. Bowler and Sis. Panoussi (who are staying in Cortez, by the way) told me that I'm going to corrupt her with my "valley girl"/southern/gangsta lingo. Who knows what that means.....

I'm in the same zone, so I'll see my companions on Thursday for zone training. So.....they're going to bring me my pizza rolls because they won't survive all the way to Farmington and then back up to Pagosa. Also, the assistants to the president thought it would be a good idea for me to spend the night with Sis. Clark in Aztec tonight and work with her and her new companion until 2 tomorrow afternoon, when I will go and meet up with Sis. Fis'iitalia and SIs. Fackrell, and drop Sis. Fackrell off at the mission home. WHAT!? What do you mean I have to go tell Sis. Wilson, Sis. Valdez, AND Sis. Fackrell goodbye, at the mission home, which is a missionary's final resting place?? Not stoked for that. I know I'm gonna cry. But, I shall survive!

It's been raining all week. Pretty much. On and off, except for today and yesterday. We had to sit on our bishop's porch on Thursday cuz it started raining really hard and there was lightning and thunder and stuff. We thought that it probably wouldn't be the smartest thing to keep biking, one because we didn't want to catch a cold, two, no one would want to particularly let in three girls in skirts on bikes who are soaking wet, and three, we didn't wanna get struck by lightning. Don't know if that can we played it safe. We also out-biked the rain this week, barely. We saw the storm coming (and heard the thunder) so we biked as fast as we could across town to our apartment and made it! And then we watched as literally 15 seconds later it started raining....and then 2 minutes later it started pouring and we had to shut the door. It's been crazy. Sometimes I think God thinks He's funny when He sends this rain that everyone but the sister missionaries on bikes are praying for.

Aaaaaaand this week I biffed it on my bike, again. Yeah. I know right. There's a reason I'm getting transferred to an area that is too big to walk around. I was biking and we were running late, so I was biking fast, and then the zone leaders called so I tried to be efficient and answer the phone while I biked....but it was a bad idea cuz then chaos happened and I biffed it. I got another good scar on my leg to prove it, too. So, yep, that happened.

Also this week, one of the members invited a lady to dinner :)  She is one of the ladies we help when we go to the Methodist Thrift Store. She came to dinner and we were able to share a message with her, and get her hooked at least a little bit on the gospel :) She was very open to learning, so that was super awesome.

We also picked up a new investigator! Two actually :) The first is a lady, that we've been doing service for for about a month now, and she isn't a member. We went over to help her move from one place to another, so we did and now she's all settled into her new house. So when she was finally all settled, we invited her to take the lessons and she agreed! We went back for a lesson and were able to resolve some concerns she had about the Book of Mormon and things like that, so it was awesome. It's been really cool to see her change, because she went from being this closed off, angry woman, to being this cute little old lady who smiles at us everytime she sees us :) It's the best, to see how service really does soften hearts!!

The other is a guy who was a potential investigator in our phone, so we texted him and asked if we could come meet him and he was the only one who texted back. We texted a lot of potentials, but he was the one who wanted us to come over. So we went and met him, and he was a little drunk when we met him. But, he allowed us to have a lesson and we were able to teach him how to pray and about what the Book of Mormon is and about coming to church, and HE CAME!! Yeah!! He came to church yesterday, just for sacrament, but it was awesome :) There was a lady there who he knew, and she sat by him and everything. It was awesome! I'm so stoked for Si
s. Bowler and Sis. Panoussi to go back and keep teaching him. He even told us during our lesson that he was feeling the Spirit. Well, he pretty much described it like a spiritual sledgehammer that kept hitting him when we spoke, but yeah, the Spirit :)

In food adventures this week, I ate some super good Korean beef....made by a white lady. Yep. But it was absolutely delicious. She said the recipe was from the Six Sisters or something like that (I think I've heard of them, but I could be accidentally messing up the name or something). So if you get a's a good recipe.

Well......I think that's about all I got! Today will be a day of packing and such, so it'll be a weird p-day for me cuz I'm leaving tonight and my companions are staying. And yet I'll see them again like twice this transfer.

Oh, and this transfer is a 5 week transfer, due to the transition of mission presidents at the end of it. So yep :) Just fyi.

Your challenge! Write Sis. Fis'iitalia a letter :) She doesn't get very many at all, so it would be very sweet of you. And, if you feel so inclined, you can also write me a letter :) But I'll leave all that up to y'all.

And your scripture is 3 Nephi 1, because that whole chapter is Sis. Panoussi's favorite.

Love you all!! Go about doing good and endure to the end!!
Sister Gah'yii'sii

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