May 11, 2015

Some Sickness and Some Skype

Hello all of you lovely people!

We went to Mesa Verde National Park today and did the tour of Balcony House. SO COOL. We had to climb up this huge ladder that was kind of terrifying (by huge I mean it was like 60 feet, then another one that was like 30 feet) and then had to crawl through this tiny little tunnel thing that I almost had to squeeze through (don't worry, I fit pretty easily!!) and sidle through this little crevice...and that's how the Pueblos did it, but without the ladders. It was awesome. I want to go back some day and do more stuff there because there was WAY too much to do, and not enough time to do it!! We barely have time for groceries today....oops....

So this week I got to talk to my lovely family via skype! So fun. I love them so much, and my favorite part was when my brother sang to me :) I almost cried like everytime I thought about it for the rest of the day. So sweet bro!! And, congrats to him for his mission papers being sent in today!!! That's SO exciting!! I'm going to be anxiously checking my email the next couple of weeks!!

Last Monday, after email, we also did super fun things :) We went to all these cool trading posts in town and I got some pretty sweet things! I found these super cool earrings, and woven baskets (for SUPER cheap, and they're for reals), and a way cool was a very successful p-day :)

Tuesday, it rained. On and off allllll day. I never appreciated a car until I didn't have one, especially on rainy days. We biked in the rain. And it was cold and windy. I blame Tuesday for the problems the rest of the week! But, it was somehow fun because it almost makes me more of a real biking sister missionary :) Adventure!

Wednesday we took a member out with us who was AWESOME! She took us to two lessons and she bore super powerful testimony both times. It was exactly what the people we visited needed, too so it was great!! I just love the testimonies of members!! Also on Wednesday, Sis. Bowler and Sis. Panoussi were down and out for a couple hours. But, we made it to mutual, and they had these giant hamster ball things. Yeah. It was cool. We took pics in them :)

Then on Thursday, I trained in district meeting about testimony, and it went really well! I had this whole big list of scriptures that we looked at where the prophets bore testimony, and it was pretty sweet, according to the district leader :) Then Sis. Panoussi went to urgent care cuz she crushed her finger in the car in her last area, and we found out it got infected.

Then Friday it stormed again and I went down and out. That was miserable and I had no idea why! But yeah I crashed for like 3 hours, which is not normal for me, or any other missionary for that reason! But, don't worry I've fully recovered!! But, we did have to bike in the hail on the way to the senior center. When we got there, they all clapped for us and said they didn't think we were going to make it. But we did!! We were super out of breath from biking like mad, but we made it with little wetness and injury! But a branch did land and get stuck on my handlebars and my knees kept hitting it while I was trying to ride....

Then on Saturday, it SNOWED. Yeah, SNOW. And, Sis. Panoussi got the stomach flu. She's still kind of recovering (but we made her go to Mesa Verde anyways). It was just ridiculous how this week played out. But yet, there were still miracles!

Sunday we skyped and spent lunch with the little old ladies at the senior center. It was super fun. Also, we all had to speak in sacrament meeting. I loved every minute of it, and the members thought I was funny and entertaining, which was nice!!

Lucinda, one of our investigators, told us she knows the Book of Mormon is true!! It was awesome. i love those moments when things just click :) It was so great!! Basil, our investigator, asked if we can move things a little slower for his baptism. Which is fine, a little sad, but he's still going to make it :)

So, that's about all I got for you this week! I really do love you all, and I'm grateful for all you do for me!! Your challenge is to simply share your testimony somehow this week :)

And your scripture is one from my list, Jacob 7:10-12

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!! Oh, and PS I find out transfer news this weekend!

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