May 11, 2015

The Whole Bike Thing

First off, I love you. Yep. Just throwin that out there.

This week has been CRAZY. Lots of internal things we've had to work on as a companionship.  It's been an interesting week with various forms of break downs and conversations of whys and how to's and what now's. But don't worry! I'm okay I promise!

So what I've been struggling with (so you don't worry too much, mom!) is mostly just barriers that I'm facing that I've never faced before. Like, I'm having a really hard time connecting with people or remembering where people live or remembering their names or who they're friends with and when they bring people up in conversations I have no idea who they're talking about until about 5 minutes later, and by then I've missed why they brought them up. So....that was a run on, but yeah. I've talked these things over with my companions a lot and I've realized that I just need to rely on my Heavenly Father more. So I started giving these feelings to my Heavenly Father in prayer and I've felt so much better and so much more at ease. It's so nice to not feel as stressed. Part of me wonders if I'm feeling this way because I can sense that I'm going to be transferred, but the other part of me is really terrified that I'll stay another transfer and still have to struggle with these feelings. But, I've stopped worrying about it.

So I found out that there are 18 missionaries going home this transfer, and only 8 coming out. That's 5 areas that have to close, and there's already been so many that have closed! I'm living proof of that, considering that 3/5 now have elders in their wards. Crazy. But, it's all in God's will, and I'm so stoked to see all the changes with the influx of missionaries after graduation and semester. So excited!!

I slept talked this week. Yep, I'm at it again. Well, okay, I'm always sleep talking, but this week was one that I actually remembered. I asked Sis. Bowler if she understood my thought process (that was when I woke up, I don't remember what my thought process was about), and she responded "Yeah I think so...but I'm really tired." And then another time this week I jumped up in my bed, quickly got into kneeling position and said, 'I NEED TO PRAY." That made Sis. Panoussi laugh in the middle of the night, and I realized after I had woken myself up with the loud volume of my voice that it was still super dark in the room and so I rolled over and went back to bed. No wonder I'm so exhausted all the time.

I held a bladder stone this week. Yep. It was about the size of a golf ball. We met this new less active lady and her non member husband, and they are the cutest old couple. Bro. Sharp, the husband, has this way cool marble collection, and he said "let me show you my two favorites." So he handed me this large chipped marble first, and then handed me this thing that looked like coral. I was like this is a really crazy marble and he said "that's my most expensive one. It cost about $50,000! They took it out of my bladder; that's a bladder stone." It took everything in me not to throw it out of my hand....or puke...or something. So I quickly passed it to Sis. Panoussi :)

So a miracle that we saw over and over this week was the power of the members :) We had this member invite Brittny, a less active we found at the beginning of the transfer, to her house for dinner. They have girls that are the same age, so the girls all went and played and we had dinner and got to talk to Brittny. We found out a lot more about her that we hadn't known, because the member was asking questions, and we were able to show Brittny that missionaries are normal. That we are humans too and not just these teaching machines. It was so cool. And then we had a member come out with us and we stopped to talk to this guy and it turned out that the member and this guy had a friend in common, and he had moved to Utah! Crazy. It was a perfect way for us to get in and talk to him. Then we also had a member come out with us who drove us around and took us to these less active's houses all over town to try and none of them were home. But she had such a positive attitude and we were able to just help her see that missionary work can be fun, even if you don't have set lessons with people :)

Also this week, I ate crepes and homemade hummus. Yep. SO GOOD. We had dinner with Sis. Johnson, a less active lady in our ward, and she is a FANTASTIC cook. I was so excited to eat crepes again, and they were actually really good. Plus, when I was looking at her cookbooks I saw a Mediterranean one and thought about that one Mediterranean restaurant in Fresno that has SUPER good hummus. So I started talking about it and she said "you like hummus? Do you like red peppers?" And she got up and made me hummus to take home. It's seriously like the best stuff I've ever had. I love homemade anything. I'm so spoiled!

Okay, well, time's just about up! But your challenge for this week is to show your joy. I know the gospel makes you happy, don't deny it. But, I want you to make an extra effort to show it this week :)

And your scriptures are 3 Nephi 27:16 and Alma 42:23 :)

I love you all very much! I hope you know that!! And family, I will see you on Sunday to wish momma a happy mother's day! And all you other lovely ladies that I love so much, I hope you have a happy mother's day too :)

Sister Courtney Garcia

Me in front of a church that is now a school

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