April 6, 2015

It's Allergy Season!

Yep. They're gross. I don't remember the last time allergies were this bad. They hit me pretty hard this week, and I am still recuperating. But I promise I'm still working hard and that I'll get better...sometime...


This week we saw A LOT of miracles. The week was super busy, too, which made the miracles that much more important! We started off with exchanges on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, which means Sis. Waite and I weren't companions from Monday afternoon until Wednesday night. That was weird. Thursday we had district meeting and our correlation meeting, Friday there was a movie night, Saturday was the Women’s Broadcast and the Relief Society activity, and Sunday was church and then poof I'm emailing you again. What!? Yeah, it's been busy.

This coming week is week 6, which means the last week of the transfer! So we'll see what happens. I want to stay in St. Michael's, but we'll see what God's got in store for me.

Exchanges means that I got to see Sis. Wilson!! It was so fun to be her companion again. Apparently her parents were super stoked last Monday when she told them that she was going on exchanges with me, and they were asking why we had such a short amount of time together. Well...I don't know the answer, but I know that everything I learned from her has made me who I am! Maybe we would killed each other if we had been together longer than 5 weeks, who knows! But, regardless of why it was super fun to be her companion for a day :)

So remember Lindsey, the lady I taught in Kirtland who died and whose sister is in my ward? Yeah? Good. Well, Lindsey's daughter, Rhianna, came to visit Lindsey's sister (so Rhianna's aunt) and she called me last Monday and asked if I could go visit her. So we worked it out with the senior couple, and we got to go see her. It was CRAZY. We shared a lesson with them so that we had a missionary purpose in being there, and we talked about temples. Rhianna is going to turn 12 this week, so we talked about things she can do to go to the temple. It was really cool. Then she asked for a priesthood blessing, and it was so sweet. Rhianna is a special daughter of our Heavenly Father, and she wants the gospel so bad! I just hope that she recognizes the refiner's fire she's going through, and how if she will be faithful, she will see all of the blessings that will come from our Father in Heaven. That's true of all of us!! And don't you forget it!

Something amazing happened yesterday!! Matthew's (the little 8 year old boy who got baptized on New Years Eve) dad got the Melchizedek priesthood yesterday!! It was the coolest. Plus, he went last (there was Scott, a guy getting ready to go on his mission, Bro. Dejolie, the Relief Society president's wife, and Bro. Billiman, a less active guy that the elders have been teaching, all got the Melchizedek priesthood yesterday too). So Matthew's dad went last, and he had all the newly ordained elders help in giving him the priesthood. SO COOL!

SO my time is about up! I didn't give myself a lot of time today to send all the miracles. But I saw a lot, and I know that miracles are happening everyday! So look for them.

Your challenge is to go watch the Because He Lives video that the church put out this weekend! And then to share it somehow with someone. I haven't seen it yet, but I know it's going to be just as awesome as the Because of Him and He is the Gift videos :)

Your scriptures are Alma 26:37 and 1 Nephi 11:17 so you can always remember the most basic truth, that God is Your Loving Heavenly Father.

Love you all!! Happy Conference, and Happy Easter! I want to hear what you're favorite talks were from this weekend when I get on next week!

Sister Gah'yii'sii

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