April 6, 2015

Change Is In The Air!

So I don't know if I've told you this, but let me just start off with letting you know that our stake president has set the goal for our stake to have 144 convert baptisms this year. Yep. So as of last week, we were at 7. Last year, we barely reached 100. Soooo....there's a lot of work to be doing in this area!! I'm so excited to be a part of it. Sis. Waite and I have been telling alllll the members this so that we can get them pumped and out there looking for people for all of us to teach. It's going to happen! I'm still praying for the faith to find those people that have been prepared, but hey, it's going good, and we've seen many many MANY miracles from kick-starting it all!

Miracles I've Seen This Week:

1. Brandon, our recent convert, blessed the sacrament this week. And, he went to the temple on Saturday. Yeah! Coolest thing ever, right!? He was just beaming on Sunday, and he was so excited when he stood up and had said the prayers right (he messed up twice). But he was just so happy, and I couldn't help but think of how important the sacrament is!!

2. We had a family home evening with our ward mission leader and his wife and his two little kids. And Brandon came, along with his sister, and it was awesome. Our ward mission leader has a really powerful testimony, and he shared it with them. It was really neat to see.

3. I got to go on exchanges with Sis. Valdez. I love that chica. We just fell right back into being companions, and we got to talk about a lot of things that have been going on, what we've learned, and how our missions have changed us. It was so spiritual, and I'm so grateful that I've always got her to talk to! Can't believe that she, Sis. Wilson (who I am going on exchanges with tonight and tomorrow!), and Sis. Fackrell will all be going home next transfer! Don't think about it...

4. We got to train in zone training this week about how talking to everyone will lead to more baptisms. So we and the zone leaders have entered into competition to see who can talk to more people in this week. But, that's beside the point. The more we talk to people and the more bold we are up front, the more miracles will see and the more we'll be able to find these 144 prepared people!! At least!!

5. I've been SO excited to tell you about this all week. So I hope you're sitting down, cuz this is for sure all God, and all how he's preparing people. So, I was on exchanges with Sis. Valdez's companion, Sis. Campbell, and we had planned to go into the laundromat and talk to some people there about the gospel. Well, as we were walking up, I saw this man sitting in the car and I thought "I need to go talk to him." But, being me, I was like ah but that's going to be so awkward and I won't know what to say. And then it came again to go talk to him, so I was like uhhhhh fine. So I walked right up to the car window (it was rolled down) and started talking to this man, named Rob. Well, he turned out to be super interested in the BoM and learning more about the church. So I invited him to be baptized (like we've been role playing and how we've been counseled to in order to find the super elect) and he said yes! Well then his wife came out, and she was okay to have us come over, so we set up a time to see them. They gave us super vague directions, but we miraculously found their camper trailer in front of the chapter house, and went by to see them. They forgot we were coming (Saturday) and told us to come back on Sunday. So we went back and took a member, and it was PERFECT. This member that we brought bore such a powerful testimony, and we were able to invite Rob and his girlfriend Michelle, and two of their sons, Rannon and Nathan, to be baptized. So they are on date for May 2nd. It was so powerful, the spirit in that little camper trailer. It was sooooo cool because at first, Michelle wasn't super into it, but as soon as this member bore her testimony, her whole attitude changed and she said yeah, I will definitely read the Book of Mormon. And Rob is totally game to be baptized and learn more. So we're going to go see them next Sunday. 

I'm just so excited about all of these miracles that we've been seeing!! I know with all my heart that this is the work of our Father in Heaven, that He is SO mindful of every single one of us, and he is preparing the hearts of the people we talk to everyday. We just need to open our mouths!! And, I've been studying consecration and relying on Heavenly Father and being humble enough to do His will and have faith in Him, and as we do those things, I know we'll get better and as a result we'll see even more miracles!!

We saw the doctor in Farmington, and Sis. Waite is just having hypoglecimic reactions apparently. Still working on it, but it seems like she'll be okay. She's been feeling a lot better lately, thanks to all of your prayers!

I love you all!!

Your challenge is to invite the missionaries to bring one of their investigators/less actives/recent converts to your house and have a family home evening or something, so that they know your home is open to the gospel. Do it!!

And your scripture is Acts 5:1-6, the consequences of holding things back from our Father in Heaven.

I love you! You're the best! Keep up the great work you do!

Sister Gah'yii'sii :)

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