April 6, 2015

Y'all Are The Key!

Hello, hello, hello!

I am happy. Beyond happy, actually. I don't really know how to describe how happy you get as a missionary. Which doesn't really make sense because as a missionary (aka representative of Jesus Christ), you get hit on by some pretty sketchy people, are asked to do a million hard things everyday, are expected to be perfect and know the scriptures inside and out, are always extremely exhausted, get super stressed by people not coming to church or reading their scriptures, get really really sad when people don't get it or refuse to learn, and yet, I'm still happy. Man it's like this is true and God is on my side or something. Oh yeah, He is!!

That's what makes life possible. God. Period. 'Nuf said.

Well, this week's been crazy. Since Sis. Waite is a sister training leader, we had the sisters serving in Shiprock come all the way to St. Mikes to go on exchanges. It was crazy! But way fun. We double worked our area, which was kind of stressful, but it was just what needed to happen. We got a new investigator while out tracting, which is ALWAYS a miracle and a blessing, so it was awesome! Sis. Waite's still figuring out her way around the area, so it's kind of funny.

Now to tell you about the incredible reminder of the testimony I have of the Plan of Salvation, the Plan of Happiness. We met with the sister of the less active lady, Lindsey, that I taught in Kirtland. It's been 6 months since she passed away, and her sister has been taking it really hard. The senior couple that teaches them asked us to come with them since I knew Lindsey, and the Spirit was incredible. We taught the Plan, and then the senior couple was cleaning up and I just had this impression that I needed to bear my testimony to Shelby (the sister). But, I fought it and thought well they're cleaning up until finally I was like "who am I to deny the Spirit and deny her of these things that she may need!?" So I spoke up, and I don't even know what I really said. I expressed the feelings I had about Lindsey's passing, and then from there I don't really remember what happened. But it led to the senior couple bearing their testimony, and Sis. Waite, and then Shelby got a blessing. I KNOW the Plan is real!! I can't imagine going through life without it, and I know that without that experience and without Lindsey passing, my testimony of temple work and family history work and this beautiful Plan would not have been strengthened. I don't ever want any of you to doubt that I know where I'm going when my life is over. I know.

And I want you to know how important you as members are to the work of salvation. The hastening of His work of salvation. Our mission president has encouraged us to have a member out with us everyday. Every single day. That's hard. But, Sis. Waite is so diligent, and she makes sure we try everyday, and 90% of the time, we do get one out. You members are the key. For real. For example, Bro. Ranger and his wife came to a lesson with us, and he was this investigator's boss at one point. He bore powerful testimony, in Navajo, to her about temples, and without him there, that power wouldn't have been there, and he wouldn't have had that chance to bear his testimony. Sis. Nez came with us to see Brandon (who is doing awesome, by the way) and she was able to take him out to Gallup and by him a white shirt that fits him (he has long arms) so he could pass the sacrament soon. Sis. Brown took us out tracting, and we were able to meet her neighbor, who was less active, and I know that Sis. Brown is going to be stopping by to drop off cookies and brownies and goodies to let them know they are not forgotten (she's a baker, and she is a returning member). Without these members this week, things would be completely different in the Lord's work. I know that this is His work, and without you all, I can't do my job as a missionary. So get out there and help these missionaries!! Help the Lord as you bring to pass His work, the immortality and eternal life of man!!

Your challenge this week is to bear your testimony more than once. Bear it on social media, or to a friend, or to a co-worker, or write it in your journal. Whatever you know by the Spirit, say it, type it, write it. Just share it!! And guess what? Here's a promised blessing:

Your scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 62:3. That's a promise from our Heavenly Father, who loves you so much you can't even comprehend or feel it in it's fulness (until you bear your testimony).

I love you all so much!! You're the greatest assets to our Heavenly Father, and don't you forget it!

Sister Courtney Garcia

Ps…Also, I have a request: I know my time is getting shorter and shorter on my mission, and I realize that I'm coming home pretty soon and that it's exciting for you all. But I also want to stay focused on what I'm doing right now, especially since I don't have a lot of time left. So please, it's okay to tell me how long I have left, but don't tell me how excited you are to see me...I know you are :)

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