February 2, 2015

Frustration & Excitement

Hello hello!Happy Groundhog's day! Somebody better tell me what the great Phil has decided! Also, I hope you all did something better with your time than watch the Superbowl yesterday...

So this week has been kind of rough. We had a lot of good things happen, but we also had a lot of crazy things happen.

Crazy Thing #1:
Tuesday night. The elders are in Farmington for exchanges, so it's just us and the senior couples...great defense right? So we pulled up to our trailer, and were sitting in our truck when I see this guy start walking to the car. Oh great. So he knocks on Sis. Clark's window and tells us he's going to Ganado (it's 9 at night, and that's like a 30 minute drive) and pretends to shiver. He REEKS of alcohol and something else, so the only way we could get rid of him was to give him a jacket. Luckily we had one that somebody left in our trailer, so I stood in the doorway while Sis. Clark got it (so he didn't come inside and we had a worse fiasco). So we gave it to him, told him to have a great night, and closed the door. We watched him through our window and he started to go check all the doors at the church to see if they were unlocked. Of course they weren't. So flash forward, we get in bed to sleep for the night and we see cop car lights flashing all around, and cop cars running back and forth. This guy had broken into the Employment Center a couple of hundred feet away! Man was I glad we got home when we did, so that he didn't break into our trailer or something!

Crazy Thing #2:
It snowed this week. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I walked out of the house without tights on because it was so warm. Then the next Friday it snowed. Like at least 6 inches. Which then caused some of the tires on our roof to fall off. 9 to be exact. There were more tires on the ground than there were on the roof! So the elders are all going to come over today and chuck them back up there while we watch from a safe distance :)  

Crazy Thing #3:
Our mission president called this week and asked us not to walk as much. Apparently there are members who are complaining to the stake president that the sisters are walking and it's too cold and that they should use their truck more. Well, when we're counseled to go walking and told that "every minute in your truck is a minute out of the mission field," I wanna go walking! So our mission president called and asked us not to walk when the sun starts going down, so we did. Sigh. It's just because we're sisters.

Crazy Thing #4:
None of the members have been able to come out with us this week. Members are the key to missionary work!! I don't think the ward members realize that here. They just plug along and think "oh surely the sisters will find someone else to go with them." It's hard on the Rez because in the Navajo culture, it's a matriarchal society. So almost all the women here work. So the few that don't work we try and ask them to come to lessons and they're almost always busy. Or they tell us a couple of days in advance that they can come, and then a couple of hours before our appointment they cancel. GAH. I have shed a few tears over the members this week. I'll hold back my rant, though, because I'm working on patience and charity for them. Well for everyone I guess, but especially the members.

Exciting Thing #1:
We found a new investigator this week! His name is John, and he's a pretty cool guy. He apparently has an ex-wife who's a member, and a daughter, and it sounds like they're active. And he's getting back together with his ex. So perfect timing or what? But he's in his 50s and we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he was totally open to learning more. Best day ever! That was yesterday :)

Exciting Thing #2:
We were called angels this week by a cute old man named Lester. We met him a couple of weeks ago, and felt like we needed to stop by this week. His sister was talking to us at the door and pretty much telling us not to come back, when Lester peeked through the window and said "Those are my angels!" So he pushed his way to stand where his sister was, and then made his sister go inside and shut the door :) So we got to talk to him and he told us that he went to read the chapter in the Book of Mormon that we had left him, but realized he didn't know where his Book of Mormon was. So we gave him a new one and set up a time to go see him. And then when we were driving away he called us to make sure that we didn't give him a phony number :) He's a cute little guy.

Your challenge this week is to do something to help the missionaries. Give them a service project! Invite them over for dinner! Go out with them! Find someone for them to teach! Take a lesson from them! Every little thing counts, my lovely friends and family!

Your scripture is 3 Nephi 22:7-10 because it's awesome.

I love you all tons and tons! Ayo inishni!
Sister Garcia

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