January 8, 2015

What The 2015?

Hey who allowed it to be 2015 so quick? That's not allowed cuz I go home in 2015. That's supposed to be forever away still. But if it's 2015 then that means it's not as far away as I'm trying to convince myself that it is.

Well anyways, things have been great this week! It was so good to be able to talk to everyone (except for my brother who was stolen away by the idea of England and Spain and cousins or something like that...) and to just get that revamp of hey I can do this! It was great. Y'all are doing great.

So as far as the pictures go, I sent one of me with a bottle and a baby goat. We stopped by this less active family who said something along the lines of "we have a goat in our bathtub" and we thought they were joking until they brought it out and set it on my lap and gave me a bottle. He was only 6 days old when I got to feed him. I think he's cute. But then again I have this love for goats ever since I served in La Sal where I got to figure them out a little bit. Once you get past the weirdness of their eyes, they're great!

And what the what it's my 11 month mark since I entered the MTC??? Begin hyperventilating...

So this week we've been walking a lot. Since we're out of miles. But Heavenly Father really loves us because He let it snow on Christmas, and then let it ice over. So yep, I totally ate it in the ice the other day. That wasn't really fun because it was only 20 something degrees outside, windy, and when I fell I got my tights all wet. Yay! Hooray for being a sister missionary who's not allowed to wear pants like ever! But, on the plus side, I could be in North Dakota like last year, but as a missionary....I feel bad for every sister over there.

On Christmas eve, Sis. Clark and I spent it splitting woods. Yes, woods, not wood. That's the rezzy way to say it. Anyways. Usually splitting woods is like the funnest thing ever because you just feel victorious when your maul slices through the woods and it cracks and splinters and splits right where you want it to. But the two people we split woods for had woods with knots in it. Worst. Day. Ever. Knots in the woods make it a million times harder to split, requires a million times more effort, and makes you a million times more sore. So that wasn't fun. It was like they left all the reject woods for us to split. But, such is missionary work! I loved it still because they made me feel even more victorious :)

I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet like the day after Christmas. Yeah I don't really even know what happened. I think I went to scratch my head with the hand that I was brushing my teeth with, so I let go of my toothbrush and didn't get a good enough grip on it, then knocked it with my hand and plop! Gross. I'm just glad I got a new one in my stocking :D

We have a baptism on Wednesday!! It's for a little 8-year-old boy of a less active guy we've been teaching. The dad and his girlfriend just got married on Christmas Eve, and now the little boy is getting baptized! It's great. Except that like no one is able to come. We just found out last night that he's getting baptized so soon (the Bishop said it was because he wanted to be baptized before the end of the month) and then the Bishop said will you sisters make the program? GAH. Do you know how much work goes into a baptismal program? You gotta find witnesses and people to stand in the circle and someone to baptize him and people to give prayers and talks and find something to do while they change....not to mention making an actual paper program!! It's crazy. But, it's happening. So I've had a slight panic attack this morning when we were calling people to do things and pretty much all of them said they couldn't make it, and then last night when we found out that we had to get this all done so quick. Sigh.

Your challenge this week is to read your scriptures everyday. Why? Because when we were teaching this week, I had an epiphany. If Christ were to come today, and He asked you how your scripture reading was going, what would you have to say? Ya can't lie to Jesus. So would you be able to say that you've read everyday for the last week? The last month? What do you want to be able to say?

And your scripture is Joshua 24:15, which is what Sis. Clark just told me because I forgot to get a scripture today. Haha sorry!

I love you all! Have a happy new year and remember to read!!
Sister Garcia

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