January 8, 2015


So I don't have a whole lot of time today, but here goes.

Transfers are this weekend! I'll keep you posted on everything that happens. My guess is that Sis. Clark will leave (mostly because she's so in denial about leaving...she's only been here for 7.5 months).

It snowed all night New Year's Eve, so there is a new layer of snow and ice. Deadly! I slipped on it once this week and then a couple of days later, Sis. Clark slipped. So we're even, and luckily it was only each other who saw each other slip. But, I did almost eat it in front of the elders a couple of times. That coulda been awkward. We've been walking a lot to try and better conserve our miles this month, so it's been cause for a lot of runny noses and wet socks and shoes, but we ain't sick yet!

We were boring on New Years. We had to come in an hour early due to the atlaniis (aht-lawn-ees, meaning drunks) so we went to bed early after we planned. It was kind of nice, cuz we got caught up on our zz's, but it meant that we didn't celebrate all that much. In fact, we apparently slept through fireworks that were on all sides of us. Oh well!

Our 8 year old investigator got baptized!  The one we had to plan the baptism for in only like  3 days that I was freaking out about last week. It all went really well, and he told us that "during the closing song I just felt like rejoicing."  I love him to death. He's awesome. We met with his family the day after he was baptized, and his mom, who's not a member, was actually listening. Usually she just watches TV and half pays attention, but this time she was actually paying attention and the TV was off!! So it's awesome. This week we're going to teach them how to do family home evening :)

I met a guy named Anthony this week who is super interested in learning from us! The sisters had taught him before, but he's been hard to catch. So we finally got to meet with him this week and his girl friend was there. We walked in and instantly I just felt super awkward because of her. Like legitimately there was one point where she just stood in the corner glaring at us for like 5 minutes until we finally said we had to go. Then she went back to whatever she had been doing. But man! I didn't know anybody could be so instantly hated! I mean she didn't even introduce herself, she didn't even know who we were, she just instantly hated us. Awkward! But such is the life of a missionary.

We also met a guy named David this week who is less active, and he's super excited to learn more and meet with us. We set up a time to go see him in two weeks, so hopefully that'll go well!

In case you were wondering, the plans for my birthday are to go to zone conference in Chinle all day, then drive home and have dinner by ourselves, and then go to mutual. So it'll be great!! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :D

Your challenge this week is to memorize your favorite missionary scripture. There's lots of good ones out there!

And your scripture is Helaman 6:3 because we all need that pick me up and reminder that there is always a reason to have joy.

I love you all!!
Have a great week!
Sister Gahyiisii

January 7, 2015
Sis. Garcia’s 20th B’day, a note from a member in her area...

Hello! Your daughter, Sister Garcia is serving in our ward. My husband is the ward mission leader so we get the know the missionaries pretty well. Tonight for mutual we celebrated one of our girls birthdays along with your daughter, we had lots of fun and were so glad to share the night with her. She wanted me to send these pictures to you. We are lucky to have her in our area!!

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