January 12, 2015

Crazy Day...Oh Wait That's Everyday!


Okay so this week I have to tell you about the craziest things that happened. There were a lot. But I don't have a lot of time...so here it goes...

Monday: So I was writing letters, like any other Monday. The elders had left to go to Gallup, so Sis. Clark and I were the only missionaries home in all the trailers. Sis. Clark was in the back taking a nap, and I was in the front room. The door was open, but the screen door was shut, because it was like 80 degrees in our trailer and we were trying to cool it off. All of a sudden I hear this guy go "HEY," and start walking up the steps. Begin panic mode. He asks for one of the elders and told me that the elder used to visit him while he was serving wherever the guy was from. Well, what could I do, the elders were in Gallup! So I told him, and I pointed to the trailer that the elders live in and he said he'd already tried it and asked for their phone number. First rule broken, I gave him the elder’s number. But this guy, when I went to go inside and grab the phone, FOLLOWED ME IN. Second rule broken, someone in our trailer. Third rule broken, alone with a man. So he's standing there and I'm still panicking, even worse now, and he calls the elders (still in the trailer) and asks for the elder and starts talking to him. Then he tells him (which, by the way, this elder is a zone leader) that I gave him his number. GAH. Then, still talking to the elder, HE HUGS ME to say thank you and walks out of the trailer and drives away. Fourth rule broken, a guy hugged me. So then I ran back to wear Sis. Clark was "sleeping" and she sits up and says "was there a man in our trailer?" Then the elder who the guy was asking for called and apologized for all that and I kind of freaked out a lot. Then the elders were talking about it all week, so I had to relive it this whole week. GAH.

Tuesday: Got stuck in the car wash while we were trying to get our car all clean and I had to call the gas station using the receipt that they gave us for the car wash so they could come get us out.

Wednesday: Zone conference in Chinle, where 58 elders and 3 sisters sang to me (not including President and Sister Batt) for my birthday. Then we went to young women's where they contacted less active members and were told that a dog would puncture their tires with his teeth.

Friday-Sunday: Sis. Clark was sick, then made it worse when she screamed because we're both staying in St. Michael's. So she's still sick.

So yeah this week has been all over the place. But, it's been a great week :) And yes, Sis. Clark and I are still companions! This is the first time in like 4 transfers that I get to keep my same companion. Crazy! But I'm way excited to keep her :) But in other crazy transfer news, one of the sets of elders is leaving our ward! So instead of having to deal with two sets of elders, I only have to deal with one! And the elders that are staying are just going to cover both areas.

I gave a quick talk on goals yesterday (found out yesterday morning) and used Moses 1:39, which is your scripture for this week! Remember that Heavenly Father's ultimate goal for us is to return to live with Him, to have that eternal life that He's promised. So what are little goals that you can make to get to that point? Food for thought.

And your challenge is to give yourself an attitude check. Why? Because there's a lady in our ward who has changed completely, like night and day, since the first time I met her. She feeds us dinner every other Saturday, and I know that the reason she's changed is because I've been determined to be the happiest, bubbliest person I can be around her. When I first got here, all I heard was how crazy and depressed and horrible this sister was. So when I heard that I set this personal goal to always be happy around her and positive, and HOLY COW has it made a difference!! She's so much happier around us now, and that's the miracle of charity and optimism. So make sure you always are having a good attitude!!

I love you all! Have a fantastic week, and never forget the blessings the Lord is pouring out upon you!!

Sister Garcia

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