December 22, 2014

Ya'at'eeh Keshmish!

 Or Merry Christmas for those of you who don't speak Navajo! Don't worry I just sound like I know a lot of Navajo....I'm still picking up on little words and phrases here and there. It's a super hard language.

So this week has been fraught with travels to all different parts of the mission! We dropped Sis. Heck off on Wednesday in Farmington. While there we got to take a quick stop at Costa Vida and Hobby Lobby and Sonic. Man I forgot how much I missed actual fast food and good stores that aren't pawnshops! It was hard to say goodbye to Sis. Heck. I mean yeah we were only together for 2.5 weeks, but it really made me think about how short my time really is on my mission, and how fast it's all going. It doesn't really help that all the elders make fun of each other when the sister who's been out shorter goes home sooner than one of the elders. Rude!

Then we had zone training in Chinle, AZ on Thursday. I met an elder named Elder Mochon who knows Sis. Pittam! Apparently he worked at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory before he left, and his family just moved there a little bit ago. That was weird. Sis. Clark and I also had to do a training on sharing Christmas messages with the members, so that was fun. Except this zone is super weird because Sis. Clark and I are the only sisters in the whole zone....meaning that meeting was full of a lot of 18 year old goofballs. I mean elders...

Then on Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges in Holbrook, AZ with Sis. Valdez and her companion!! It was so fun to be reunited with Sis. Valdez for a couple of hours and to get to teach with her again. I miss that girl like crazy. We cried together at the things we had learned and the progress that we both have made. And it's only been like 4.5 months since we parted ways! That's what missions will do to ya though!

We had our ward Christmas party this week! It was way fun. Sis. Clark and I got to be the judges of all the games that the little kids had (and the elders) and it was way fun. We were also in charge of making and serving hot chocolate, and I discovered that the best way to both cool down your hot chocolate and flavor it is mint ice cream. SO GOOD.

We picked up a new investigator this week! We found him when we were out tracting with the He is the Gift pass along cards (that I hope you have all found in your Ensign and passed out to other people!!). He was super open to us when we first met, and we had some time to stop by last night to see what he thought. Well, he hadn't watched the video, so we said a prayer, watched it with him, and talked about the Book of Mormon and Samuel the Lamanite, how he prophesied of Christ's birth too. And we set up a time to come see him this coming week! So I'm really excited, because he's so open to learning more and coming closer to Jesus Christ.

This week is going to be a good one! We have lots of appointments scheduled already and we're going to be walking a lot (all the driving this week has put us way over miles already). So I'm going to be super in shape and have super muscular legs by the time I'm finished with my mission! :P

Your challenge this week is to share your testimony of Christ with someone not related to you. It's scary, but it's worth it, and you'll be blessed for sharing your testimony! All you have to do is talk about Christmas and the things you're doing, and then talk about how Christmas is all about Christ and voila! Testimony shared!

And your scripture is Mormon 9:21.

Ayo inishni! I love you!
And have a fantastic week!
Sister Gahyiisii

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