November 18, 2014

I’ve been all over the place this week!

This week's been a good one, all you lovely folk!

Thanks for those of you who sent me pictures of your Halloween costumes!! They were awesome, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun!! We had to be in by 6pm on Halloween because of all the sketch stuff that happens on Halloween. But, we did get to go to Paradox branch's Halloween party for an hour, and that was way fun. The most creative costume I saw was a little girl who was the Corpse Bride, and a teenager who was a shower loofah (she wore like 3 tutus made out of the toole fabric and a rope like a scarf around her neck). People are creative!! I'm not, Sis. May and I just switched name tags.

I did get to preg check cows this week! That was awesome, yet disgusting. Don't worry, I didn't put my hand up a cow's bum, but I did watch the vet do it. She got pooped on a lot. But our job was to write the month that they were do on a tag, which we then gave to a man named Titus who used a large hole puncher to punch it through the cows ear. Don't worry, only three of the 120 cows we checked passed out in the machine cuz they were choking themselves. No, I didn't get to brand cows, but we were informed that we would be able to soon!

Fun news, the primary program is next week, and Sis. May and I got asked to sing in it! We're going to sing the second verse of I Stand All Amazed and then the kids will join in on the chorus. So excited!! This Sunday, there will be a primary program in both La Sal and Paradox, but Paradox only has two kids, so we'll see what happens :)

Dad: I had to tell you this cuz I thought it was hilarious. We had dinner with this family last night, and one of the little boys who was 3 said "do you have dads? What are their names?" So Sis. May and I answered, and when I said your name was Anthony, the little boy says "Anfony? That's a funny name" which caused all of the kids to laugh, and then the little boy says "Dad, I'm gonna start calling you Anfony." It was so cute!!

I bottled apples like crazy this week, and the fun continues this week! Everyone out at the Rock bottles things so that they have an insane amount of food storage. Well, they just have so much bottling to do that they ask us for help, so we get to learn how to bottle things! I've bottled zucchini, and now apples (both apple pie filling and applesauce). Also, I tried homemade apple juice...I'll never be able to have the store bought stuff again. It was SO GOOD.

On a more spiritual note, we had a less active lady come to church this week! Her name is Janette, and she hasn't been to church in about a year. She is going through a lot of life struggles right now, and on Saturday she received a priesthood blessing, and the member who set up the blessing invited her to come to church. SO SHE DID. At first, the member came, and she said "as you can see I'm alone," and she was very disappointed. She had knocked on the door and no one answered, so she left. Well, literally 2 minutes later, this lady comes through the doors, and her hair was wet, her make up was barely done, but she was there! She had been in the shower when the lady knocked, and we were so excited!! We sat by her, and she leaned over to me and asked if it was fast and testimony meeting and I said yes, and she got all nervous and told me that she had promised her friend that if it was fast and testimony meeting, that she would get up and bear her testimony. SO SHE DID. And then she told me that she was so excited to come next week. It was so great!!

So look at the tremendous power that you have as members!! The Lord will give you those opportunities to invite and help people come back in His timing. And if at first you don't succeed (or they have their agency/are stubborn/aren't ready yet), then try try again as the Lord prompts you to. I promise you'll see miracles!! You'll be a part of His hastening the work, and you will have joy beyond measure in the celestial kingdom! Don't think so? Check out Doctrine and Covenants 18:10, 15-16. Or recite it since it is a scripture mastery. It's a scripture mastery for a reason!

Your challenge this week is to re-learn the Articles of Faith! Sis. May and I were challenged by a member to do that, so that's my challenge to you! As I work on remembering and reciting the Articles of Faith, I hope you will do the same!

Your scripture is Alma 14:26, 28. Look at the faith that they had, and see what your faith can do!!

I love you all so much!! I can't believe that I'm already halfway through, but I promise that I'll make it the best rest of my mission I can!

Sister Courtney Garcia

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