November 18, 2014

Lots of Crazy, But Lots of Good!

Hello all you lovely folk!

This week's been a crazy one (then again, when aren't the weeks crazy??) but lots of fun and lots of adventure.

At the end of this week, Sis. May got way sick, and she still isn't feeling too good! So we built a puzzle that we borrowed from the senior center on Saturday while she rested and recuperated. Then we finished that and started another one, but to our dismay it's HARD. It's in the shape of a leopard and there are leopards all over it and all the pieces don't actually look like normal puzzle's crazy. But we will conquer it! So yes, Saturday we spent most of the day inside, but we're back to work as of yesterday (even though she's still not feeling so great).

We bottled tons of apples this week! That was gross, yet fun. Gross just because there were lots of worms in all of the apples and we had to cut them out, but fun because we learned a lot about the people out at the Rock (we bottled out there with them). Apparently, when one person goes to Costco, everyone puts in orders for things that they need and the one person buys stuff for the whole community, then charges gas and the price of the food. It's crazy! But that's what you gotta do out here when the closest Costco is 3-4 hours away, depending on how country your place is. Anyways, everyone at the Rock bottles stuff in jars so that they can have their awesome food storage all lined up and ready to go. So with the apples they made applesauce, apple juice (which is probably the greatest thing I have ever had) and apple pie filling. We got to jars of apple pie filling, and we are wanting to bust open one and make a pie, but we don't have a crust...or time to make a for now they'll just sit :)

I had a food adventure this week. As in a bad food adventure this time, not something delicious like homemade apple juice. We ate dinner with a lady impromptu this week and she made us some tomato soup. Which, I don't like in the first place. Okay I should probably mention that this lady is old, so she has some excuse...but not a big one!! So first blunder, she licked her fingers and kept cooking. Gross. Then, she touched the outside of this bullet looking thing (like a bullet blender) and accidentally dropped it into the soup. The worst though: she pulled out this giant container of sour cream and opened it up...bright green mold covered the entire top edges of the inside and went till about halfway down the container. So she grabbed a spoon and started to scoop out the mold on top, then used the same spoon to put sour cream into the soup. And the whole time Sis. May and I watched in horror. We checked, the sour cream expired like a month ago. HORRIFIED. Never again will I eat tomato soup. Don't anybody try and make it for me when I get home!!!

Also, I taught myself how to make (by which I mean bake) chicken! And it turned out fantastic!!

So like all the pictures I have are from last Monday because we went hiking up this rock called Looking Glass. It was great! We had a lot of fun.

So we got to have a lesson with that less active lady who came to church last week! We taught her and her boyfriend/friend who lives with her temporarily who is not a member :) And he was like yeah I know I need to get baptized, but I don't want to go to church. But don't worry, we'll work on him :) I'm way excited to teach them both. He's a total cowboy and just loves what he does...which makes it hard to meet with him sometimes, but hey it'll happen!

Also this week, we got asked to sing a duet on 3 different occasions: first at the La Sal Christmas program, second the Paradox Christmas party, and third the Paradox 5th Sunday meeting. So all of a sudden it's like I'm supposed to be a good singer or something. Sis. May is an overwhelmingly good singer, so it's all kind of intimidating, but it'll be great. And yes, singing in the Primary Program was fantastic!

Alright so your challenge this week is to think about your favorite scripture story and then figure out why it's your favorite!

And your scripture is Alma 19:14!

I love you all, and have a fantastic week!

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