October 4, 2014

People Like To Eat Too Much

Hello my lovely friends and family!!

Can you believe another week has past already, and another month?? It's ridiculous. These weeks are flying by way too fast. It's good and bad, but I can't think about it too much or I'll just end up twitching or something like that. Missionary life is crazy, yo.

So in this week's food adventures, I ate veal (that's baby cow for those of you who don't know) and spicy elk tacos. Elk is a huge thing in this part of the country and it's way bizarre to think that you're eating a giant thing with antlers that prances around (or did...at one point...) and that you pass all the time on the road. Kind of gross if you really think about it....okay I'll stop.

Also, we were invited to 4 pot lucks in 3 days and we went to 3 of them. My stomach still feels like its going to explode because of all the way good food that I ate. It's crazy. People just love eating here and they all have super good home grown fruits and veggies and/or family recipes for things like rolls and pies that have been passed down in their family for generations. So of course it's all super delicious and you can't help but eat everything.

To keep the food note going, we helped two people grate zucchini to make zucchini relish which is apparently to die for (I haven't had it yet). It took sooooo long, but Sis. Fackrell gave me the nickname of Gourd Grater because I was the one who did all the labor of using the cheese grater on it. Don't worry, one lady had hers attached to a kitchen aid, and the other lady had a hand cranked grater, so it wasn't like grating cheese. But one of the other ingredients for zucchini relish is onions. So Sis. Fackrell and the lady that we helped were both just crying, like tears STREAMING down their faces, and I was totally fine. I am apparently immune to onions and the tears they cause. The worst I got was burning nose hairs. It was so sweet. For me. Really I'm just immune because of my contacts, so don't think I have any super powers or anything :)

WE travelled a road to nowhere this week! There's lots of dirt roads that look like they could lead to houses, but they actually don't. So we were going down this road, realized it went to nowhere, and then had to figure out how to get back. It wasn't big enough to turn around, so I had to get out of the car and back Sis. Fackrell up FOREVER. It actually probably wasn't all that bad, but it felt like a long time. Finally we got to a spot where there was less sage brush and we could turn around. That was a crazy adventure.

I also picked up some rocks in a pen full of goats who liked to breathe on me. Their breath smelled like sage brush, in case you were wondering. They tried to eat my hair every time I bent over!! But yeah it was fun. We picked up rocks to help a guy build a fence and make it stronger. Also we helped him to gather the eggs from his 60 chickens. Yes, you read that right. SIXTY chickens. There were a lot of eggs. It was awesome. I loved picking them up, but Sis. Fackrell was terrified because she feels like chickens are just small raptors with feathers. So I got to feel right at home picking up all those eggs.

And on to spiritual things!! The women's broadcast was awesome!! We watched it at the church during a thunder storm on really spotty internet. It was crazy. But I really loved it!! Here's some questions for you to think about regarding the conference:
1. Why is the Women's Meeting the first meeting of general conference? Why is it not in the middle like Priesthood Session?
2. Why does it seem that theme is all about covenants and temple ordinances each time?
3. What is the purpose of having a women's meeting?

These were questions that Sis. Fackrell and I talked about after the conference. We talked about how important covenants are, and how a lot of women don't get the chance to teach about the temple and the sanctity and power of the covenants we make there. I know that I have a better understanding of the covenants I've made because of my mission, but a lot of women don't have that. They get sealed to their husband and associate their covenants with their families. Which is true, but it goes beyond that to something so much more personal, and we need to live up to our personal covenants as an example to our family members. It's so important, these covenants that we make!! Don't forget them.

Your challenge this week is to go to conference with a question. Ask whatever you want! Ask about a friend you're worried about or how you can be an example to your family or how you can better study your scriptures...just have a question! I promise it'll be answered!!

And your scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 82:3!

I love you all, and I hope you know that I'm doing fantastic. Missionary work can be rough, but it's worth it and I wouldn't trade any hard experience that I've had for anything in the world. Every moment that I have is precious. I hope you can feel that.

Love you!
Sister Garcia

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