October 7, 2014

I've Been Spiritually Zapped!

Man this week's been so full of good spiritual highs that I'm not going to be able to tell you about hardly anything crazy that's happened!! There's so much that I've learned this week and I'm exhausted from it all, but it's awesome. I guess that's what happens when you have General Conference and Zone Conference in one week...

So funny things. I walked a man's goats this week for service. He took us into the sage brush (which goats ADORE eating the sage brush) and showed us these random ruins of a school or something that used to be there. Which is funny because the man who took us is mostly blind HA. So yeah, that was fun. I walked a goat named Surprise (like literally on a leash and everything) and he kept throwing himself on the ground. Ridiculous goat.

In other animal adventures, I caught 3 chickens while we were waiting for our investigator to feed us dinner. She was late getting home, so I caught chickens, and I found out that Sis. Fackrell hates chickens and their "giant raptor feet...they're dinosaurs with feathers." Yeah she's crazy. But catching chickens is fun!!

I WENT TO WALMART. Man it feels like forever since I been, and I promise that I will never underappreciate WalMart again. It's so fantastic. I didn't realize how much I'd miss it until I didn't have it. Sigh, Walmart.

In other exciting news, our mission is working on getting us some iPads! So here's how it will work. By the end of the year, they want every missionary in the NM Farmington mission to have one. So the way it works is that my family/the Church (if the family can't afford it) will buy an iPad from a website (mom and dad, they'll send it out probably sometime next month...so keep an eye out) that has all the Church's walls up and stuff. So we can't download Angry Birds and Facebook and stuff. Then the iPad will be sent with my name on it to the mission home, and they'll distribute it to me. Then the iPad becomes mine, and I will take it home with me when I finish and then somehow the walls that the Church puts up are deactivated. Pretty sweet, huh?? I'm stoked.

In food adventures this week, people would not stop giving us cookies. Like the good, homemade chocolate chip ones. I think we have 4 different variations of the classic chocolate chip cookie at home, from 4 different families. Also, I tried Amish bacon onion dip from Ohio...to die for.

Okay now for the crazy awesome spiritual stuff.

Zone conference! We talked all about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation and the First Vision, and how powerful those 3 things are to anybody. It's amazing, truly incredible, to be able to teach the Atonement and the First Vision and to literally feel the power that comes from bearing testimony and teaching of those two things. So if you never got around to memorizing the First Vision way back when I had been out like a month, I highly recommend memorizing it, or even just reading JSH 1:15-18 aloud. I promise you'll be able to feel again how real it is that Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know it!

General Conference! I just want to slump back in my chair and drool a little because I just get so overwhelmed in thinking about all the things I learned there. Prophets are for real, guys. These men are not just the good men who lead the church, but they are men who converse with God and Christ Himself. Can't you feel it in their testimonies?? When Elder Holland, Robbins, and Kacher came, I could feel the power behind their testimonies. I didn't tell you this, but Elder Holland talked about what if Christ walked in this room right now, our Wounded Captain. Sis. Fackrell and I got to talking about it this week, and the way that Elder Holland described the Savior entering the room was unreal. I can't say that I know these men have seen Christ, but I can guarantee that it is a very high possibility, and that they are powerful speakers for a reason.

I had to bear my testimony of that to you because of what happened last night. There was an investigator that we were teaching and his active member wife who we asked how they liked conference. The wife said you don't want to know and we said yeah sure we do and the flood gates opened and they told us that the whole time they've been meeting with us they feel like it's been kind of an act and they've been at a distance because they haven't been honest that they don't believe in the prophet. They hated conference because a lot of the things were talking about following the prophet and they felt like they were being told they had to get to God through the prophet. NO. These men are here to help guide us on our path back to Christ, not you have to get to Christ through them. I promise!! And the scriptures are written by prophets, which they don't understand, and so believe in the scriptures!! Everything testifies of Christ, everything in the church leads back to Him because IT'S HIS CHURCH. Nobody else's church but the Son of God Himself. "All things denote there is a God," even the prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who is His mouthpiece on the earth (Alma 30:44).

Wow. Yeah last night had a pretty profound effect on me and my testimony of prophets...in case you couldn't tell.

Your challenge this week is to ACT on whatever you received at conference. This is not a "oh that was a great talk" move on with your happy life. NO. This is a time for you to progress, which progress makes you happy and gains you eternal life. SO ACT.

Also, your second challenge (I know I'm going to overwhelm you) is to GO WATCH MEET THE MORMONS. You know how it was advertised all between conference sessions? Well guess what, I watched it!! At zone conference, becaause the brethren asked that all full time missionaries watch it. Why? Because it is a FANTASTIC movie and missionary tool. So why am I asking you to watch it? Because it opens this weekend, and if the numbers for the turn out this weekend are good, it will open to more theaters across the US, which means more people will have access to this missionary tool. I think it's only being shown in bigger theaters, so you may have to seek it out a little, but please, please, please do everything you can to watch it!! I promise you won't regret it, and you'll be hastening the work of the Lord as you watch it this weekend (it opens October 10th...opening weekend is when you need to see it :))

Your scripture is Mosiah 15:11!!

I love you all so much, and I hope you are all doing well :)

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