September 10, 2014

I'm Here I Promise

Hello all!

I have limited time today...I was supposed to email yesterday, but we only had about 30 minutes between lessons, so I got to finish emailing today...which means I don't have much time!!

I'm now in La Sal, UT and Paradox, CO, which is the part of this mission that borders Christian's! Pretty sweet, huh? I cover two branch list is only a page, double spaced, and the other is about a page and a half normal spaced. Ridiculous! But it's way fun so far. It's full of old people and old cowboys who think they're still hopping. I love it! We're doing a lot of service in this part (or so I've heard...haven't gotten to do much yet...). It's about a 3.5 hour drive from here to Farmington, so it's crazy!

Last week I saw Debbie, my recent convert!! She was driving down the street as we were walking back from the church to the apartment. It was so wonderful, and I'm happy that I was able to see her and give her a quick pep talk. And it was just what I needed that day!!

We had a district activity last Monday...the Monday before two days ago...and we played volleyball as a district. Way fun!! I loved it. The elders are all nuts, but that's okay.

So to update you on everything as far as transfers go...Bloomfield 3rd ward was closed for sisters due to the lack of sisters coming in and the 4 sisters that left. We only had one come in, and she came back from being sick. So no new sisters, and that means that one of the sister areas had to close, and this time it was Bloomfield! So the elders in 1st ward in Bloomfield are now working both wards, which is probably really crazy for those poor elders. So Sis. Wilson, my old companion, is now in Cortez, CO. We were sad to leave each other, but it explained a lot of the feelings that we had had the whole we didn't feel connected to the ward and how we never really felt connected to the people we were teaching's cuz we were prepping the ward to have elders (something they haven't had in 4 or 5 years).

The ward was way upset that sisters were leaving...not cuz we were leaving but because it was the death of sisters, per se. But they just don't see that no matter if it's elders or sisters, the Lord is still doing His work, and it is HIS work!!

Also, Sis. Wilson and I went out with a bang! We taught the priests quorum on Wednesday for mutual about how to use Preach My Gospel. It was WAY good and all the young men were so into it by the end!! It was great. And then we also bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting, taught gospel principles, and taught Relief Society. So the ward got their fix of sisters, that's for sure!!

Also last week, we were walking all over the place because we ran out of miles for the month. It was crazy. But we went to have dinner one night and this lady that had signed up to feed us (who we reminded the night before at mutual) FORGOT. She forgot about us and forgot that we were coming over to eat. Way awkward!! I wouldn't call it the most awkward moment of my mission...but pretty close.

I would also like you to know that an apostle is coming on Saturday to talk to our entire mission. Wanna know who it is? Okay I guess I'll tell you. ELDER HOLLAND. As in JEFFREY R. I'm so excited but I'm afraid I might pee my skirt if he gets his intense voice on, which he probably will because our mission needs it. With the rez being so far away from anything and everyone being comfortable with the missionaries, it means that there's A LOT of disobedience. Sooooo he's probably coming to shape up the mission.

So more about La Sal....we have to drive 45 minutes tomorrow just to go to district meeting in Monticello (where the temple is!) and that's when we do our grocery shopping. Because La Sal is so small that there is no grocery store. All there is is a post office, one gas pump, and an overpriced little shop with snack foods (which is where you pay to use the gas pump). It's crazy!!

Also, if you sent me mail at the end of the week, I have no idea how I'm going to get it because no one has moved into the apartment that I just left...hopefully the housing coordinator will go and grab our mail and bring it back to the mission office, but no guarantees.

Oh, I also must tell you that I rode in a members convertible two days ago. It was a 70 year old woman who took us to go and get Dairy Queen for our last night in Bloomfield and she took her convertible. It was pretty sweet y'all. I loved it.

Well that's about all I got time for today!! I love you all so much, and I'm doing fantastic here in Utah! It means that when I'm done here I'll have served in 3/4 states in this mission. Pretty sweet. I know this is where the Lord needs me and that I'll be doing what he needs me too!!

Your challenge goes along with the lesson I taught in RS on Sunday: Be a witness of the Book of Mormon! How? In word, in action, in example...just talk about it with somebody or help them to understand that you are the way you are because of the things that the Book of Mormon has taught you!

And your scripture is 2 Nephi 2:13 because it's Sis. Fackrell (my new companions favorite scripture). So figure it out and understand why there's opposition!!

You're the best!! Be safe and conquer Satan!!
Sister Courtney Garcia

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