August 26, 2014

Gotta Get Through the Rough Ones

Hello lovelies!!

This weeks been a rough one. Sis. Wilson and I have realized that there is a lot more work here to do than we originally thought there was. We were doing our weekly planning on Friday and we received some intense revelation about how we're not here for one specific person. Like in Kirtland, I was there to find and teach D and bring Sis. F back to church. But it's not like that here. Sis. Wilson and I haven't felt connected to the ward, and we were trying to figure out why, and finally we realized that it's because we're here to help the ward. Sis. Wilson and I have been called here to this ward, not for any specific person in it, but for the ward as a whole. And that revelation was definitely clarified with our ward council meeting yesterday...there was a loooooot of tension with just the ward leaders. So we're not sure yet what our game plan is, but that's our goal this week. We're working on figuring out how best we can help the ward, especially the ward leaders, and do what it is that God is asking us to do here.

We ate dinner this week with one of the senior couples in our mission, the Garretts (if you call the mission office, Sis. Garrett is the one who fact...). They give us the "mission gossip" when we go. So I found out that West Africa missions have closed because of Ebola virus and we're getting one of the elders from that mission. Pretty crazy!

Oh, I heard that Fern Harris was in Deseret News recently! She's the 101 year old lady back in Kirtland. Random  fact I heard.

This week I learned about the quantum touch. This old less active man in our ward was telling us all about it and how he can use it long distance too, to help his grandkids when they need it. It's way weird, and it has something to do with chakras and energy and putting energy into somebody else to heal them. I don't know, he confused me when he tried to explain it. But man did it make me appreciate the priesthood and the gospel and how really simple it is. I mean you don't have to go and search out somebody with the quantum touch, you just ask any man who is worthy to give you a blessing and then know that it'll all work out the way that God needs it to. Isn't it incredible!?

In Lindy news this week, the old man on the Rez, he asked me to teach him how to say Jesus Christ in Spanish. Luckily I know that one. So I wrote it out for him and he said "queso Christo," and it took everything Sis. Wilson and I had to not fall into the dirt laughing. We were meeting in his horse trailer on his land that is out further in the Rez. It was so funny. And he has two dogs, Nephi and Lehi. One of them is sick, which is sad, but hopefully he's doing better.

In food adventures this week, I went out to dinner with a couple of the old ladies in our ward!! It reminded me of home, when mom would sometimes take me to lunch with the little old ladies. It was so fun, and I loved every minute.

Your challenge this week is to really feel the importance of the sacrament next Sunday. So put it in your smart phones to remind you, cuz I can't. But pay attention to how you feel, and really think about what the sacrament means this week.

And your scripture this week is Doctrine and Covenants 88:15. And after you read that, look up Soul in the Topical Guide and read some of those scriptures...I recommend Enos 1:4, Omni 1:26, Alma 32:28, and also the sacrament prayers. It's way cool, and that's what I learned from Sis. Wilson this week :)

I love you all!! Don't worry about me, I'm doing great!!
Sister Garcia

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