August 20, 2014

There is NO Coasting to the Celestial Kingdom

Well HULLO!!

Sorry I'm a day late...we had our annual temple trip yesterday and it took up all of p-day. But I'm doing great!! I realized these last couple days that in one year from now, I'll be home. Like for a week I'll have been home pretty much. That's crazy to think about!! And it's weird to think that a year ago I was putting in my papers and had no idea that I was going to be sitting in the Bloomfield Public Library, emailing to tell you all about the week that I've had as a missionary for my Savior. It's so awesome, and I hope that you all are able to feel the love that I have for being a missionary and the great things that lie in store for every missionary, especially those who really desire to do the Lord's work.

Yesterday was FANTASTIC. We went to the Monticello UT temple and it was so fun!! The six elders in my district and Sis. Wilson and I drove in a van the three hours there and then the three hours back...we only wanted to kill the elders some of the time ;) But it was way awesome and I am so very grateful that I had the chance to go to the temple and learn there. But it makes me so sad that I can't go more often and that I'll have to wait another year to go!! So all you with your recommends, please go as much as you can!! Don't take it for granted that you're able to go whenever you want!!

Shout out to my trainer, Sis. Farnsworth, who got her visa to go to Brazil this week!! She'll be leaving in like a week and a half to go, which is way exciting because she's been out for about a year now. I'm so excited for her!!

Okay and also this week, I heard that the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY collapsed because of a this true?? I remember the corvette museum and that would be way sad if it did!!

This week, in a nutshell, we went on exchanges, sang in sacrament meeting, witnessed many miracles, and became more unified with our district. I'll explain quickly since I don't have too much more time.

We went on exchanges! I was in Red Mesa, CO almost all day Tuesday, and it was way fun. It's beautiful out there and there are lots of farmers and nice people out there. I made freezer jam while I was there and it was so cool to just learn how it's all made!! I got a confidence boost from my sister training leader, Sis. Tukuafu (too-coo-ah-foo), who told me that I was a really good missionary and that I spoke with a lot of confidence :) Then I took her companion and went back to Bloomfield while Sis. Wilson went to CO. That was very interesting, and it definitely made me really appreciate Sis. Wilson!! Don't worry it wasn't anything bad.

We sang Lead Kindly Light in sacrament meeting and it went so well!! We were so nervous, but it sounded so good and I wished that you all could've been there to hear it!! It went way better than we expected it to, haha!

Also, that car ride with the elders was way good. We got to know the elders and they kind of got to know us, which is something that we've been working on (Sis. Wilson and I) to get to know the people in our district. They're all awesome elders, they just don't want to be doing something so hard. Which is sad, but that's why Sis. Wilson and I are give them that confidence boost and help them see how fun it is!! Or at least that's what we think we're there for :)

We made lunch for them last week because they sang As Sisters in Zion to us and we sang them Ye Elders of Israel. Somehow we ended up having to make lunch and sing, but either way it was awesome to be able to just share a good homemade tortilla quesadilla with them :)

Also this week, we got caught in a monsoon out on the Rez. The drive out there was beautiful, and as soon as we got to the place that we were going, these huge dark clouds rolled in, and we couldn't drive it was so bad. And then we went to go visit Lindy (the one who called me Enchilada), but he lives across a wash, where the monsoon rains go to drain out into the river. So we couldn't get across and it looked like a beach and we had to teach a lesson while he was sitting in his car and we were standing next to him. It was really funny. And also, Lindy now calls me Garrrrrcia instead of Enchilada. Who knows what it'll be next week!!

We dropped more investigators this week, but we also picked up some really amazing new ones!! So things are hard here, but there are really great things happening!!

Your challenge this week is to discover ways you can better show love. Whether love means trusting or accepting or hugging or whatever, find a way you can better show how you love somebody! Or lots of somebodys!

And your scripture is Moses 1:39, and then to ponder about what it really means.

I love you all very very much!! And I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Sister Courtney Garrrrrrrrcia

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