August 12, 2014

You Are His Child

Let me first start by saying that my new name is now Enchilada. I met a cute old man this week named Lindy. He's a recent convert from out on the Reservation, and he's absolutely adorable!! He has a hard time accepting and getting to know new sisters when they come, so we weren't sure how I'd be received. But at the end, he gave me a hug and looked at me! He didn't look at me at the beginning, so it was a huge step. And don't worry he's like 67, and he thinks we're all his grand daughters, so there's nothing creepy about it. And he came to church yesterday, and at the end of Sunday school he told me that I was Enchilada because it was easier to say than Sis. Wilson collapsed onto the floor crying because she was laughing so hard, and so did the one other member who heard him say that. Therefore, I am Enchilada. :D

Miracles are happening!! For example, we dropped two people this week: one investigator and one less active. And then at the end of the week, we found two new investigators! Half of our lesson they were trying to convert us to Catholicism, and the other half they were really listening to what I had to say. They're adorable! It was really cute that they were trying to get us to come to Bible study with them tonight, but we have appointments that we have to get to, so we're off the hook this time!

We also got lost out on the reservation this week! It's called Napi, and it's way bigger than what I'm  used to! But it's beautiful and confusing...there's a forest out there and fields and canals and trailers and nice houses...basically, Rez is just a giant oxymoron. But it's way beautiful and I love it lots!!

I cleaned a nasty kitchen this week. Like, NASTY. As in these dishes had been probably sitting there for at least two weeks and nobody had cleaned them. So Sis. Wilson and I had to scrub food that was stuck to bowls and plates and pots and pans and a lot of it looked and smelled a lot like puke. It was horrible. It took us an entire hour to just do the dishes, and I wanted to cry and take a shower after that, but we can't do that because we don't have time to take a shower during the day...just in the morning and at night, so we had to walk around smelling like nastiness all day long. That's the second time that I've had to clean dishes that made me want to puke. But it's strengthened my testimony of why cleaning is important!

In other food adventures, I had breakfast for dinner: waffles with homemade syrup and lots of butter that was SO good. I forgot how much I love breakfast for dinner. It was way good and I'm so happy that we had it! Also, Sis. Wilson have decided that for our companion inventory every Friday, we are going to have Happy Hour because it's so good. I love having a Sonic close by.

Your challenge this week is to write down impressions that you have! Even if it's just something as simple as "I need to write in my journal more" or "Smile as you walk today." Just write it down so you know what it is that you need to act on each day!

And your scripture is 1 Nephi 17:7!

I love you all so SO much, and I hope you are all doing the best you can! Keep up the good work! :)

Sister Garcia-Enchilada

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