May 12, 2014

Specific Prayers get Specific Blessings & Answers

One of the cool things that my new district leader has asked us to do is to pray for everyone in the district by name. So in our prayers (when I remember...I'm so bad...) we pray for each elder and sister and their area. It's been a pretty neat thing, because it has already helped us to feel more unified and it's only been like a week. Barely. But it's pretty cool, and I know that if you pray for a specific purpose or with a specific question and you have the qualifications of Moroni 10:3-5 (a sincere heart, real intent or an intention to act, and faith in Christ, believing that you'll receive an answer) then you'll see miracles and answers and blessings. It's real!! So do it, try it out, and watch the miracles unfold!

Our new district is awesome! We have some really great new elders who are just absolutely hilarious. Everything that they say is funny, and it makes our district meetings awesome. I mean we've only had one so far, but you can just tell when they are going to be good. You know. Everyone is just really dedicated to the work. And I'm still the youngest missionary out...and I think Sis. Valdez is the second youngest. Huh. So that's fun and adventurous.

So my new companion, Sister Valdez! She's so funny. SO funny. I love her to death. She knows how to make papusas (basically a tortilla stuffed with good) because her dad is from El Salvador and her mom is from the Phillipines. So of course it means she's gorgeous. I have never laughed so hard so consistently in my life. It's the best!! We have a lot of the same opinions on things, but also different opinions, and she's just fun to be around and easy going! She's super into photography and psychology and all these things and it's so neat to be able to hear her perspectives on things. It's just so fun to talk to her. She helps me keep my head on straight because it's kind of tough to take over the area!

So taking over the area just means that the senior companion (Sis. Farnsworth) left and the junior companion (me) is the one who knows the area when the new senior copmanion (Sis. Valdez) comes in. So it's been kind of stressful, being the only one who knows the area and the people and trying to figure out who to teach and what to teach them and who can be our back ups and GAH. The first day was so stressful too because literally all of the people that we had scheduled, fell through. Everyone cancelled on us that morning and I was stressing out so much. But Sis. Valdez just kept me calm and asked me questions to figure out who we should and could go visit. So that was really good and I"m so glad that she is able to ask those inspired questions. She's been really patient with me and is adjusting really well.

Skype was so great yesterday!! I have the best bishop, but he's being released on Sunday. And side note our relief society president is also moving, so two auxilaries are changing in the next week or so! Crazy huh. Back to skype, so we have to be invited to skype at someone's house on holidays where we can skype. So our bishop called on Wednesday or Thursday and asked if we wanted to skype at his house and we said YES because no one else had asked us yet. So we skyped at his house. Sis. Valdez's family is crazy, but so funny, and she got to skype with her sister who is serving in Mississippi, so that was good. But she didn't cry so then when I got to skype and I cried I was like oh man I'm not the strong one! Just kidding, she told me she cried her first skype call too. So I don't feel so bad. But it was fun to get to see my family! 

But proselyting on holidays is the worst. Everyone who we were going to try was either not home, busy, or having a party. So we just got to visit Sis. Schreiter and share a quick message with her. But yeah it's hard! Cuz you don't want to interrupt anybody's family time and make them mad and you don't want to crash parties, but that's what missionaries do! Haha kind of not really.

Your challenge this week is to pray about every decision that you are unsure about! Anything, even if it's just what you want to eat at Taco Bell, pray about it! Those specific prayers will get you specific blessings!

And your scripture is Romans 8:35-39!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!! Be good :)

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