May 5, 2014

Live Unto The Lord Your God

Hello Peoples!

So first off transfer news: YES, I am staying in Kirtland. NO, Sis Farnsworth is not my companion anymore (and NO, she's not going to Brazil). Almost my entire district has changed...out of the 10 missionaries, only 4 are staying. One of them is going home, two are leaving from one area (called white washing, when two new missionaries come to one area...i.e. if both Sis. Farnsworth and I left and two missionaries replaced us), one of the sisters I live with is being transferred (her and all 43 of her skirts...not to mention all the tops, scarves, jewelry, etc), and one of the zone leaders is leaving. My new companion is going to be Sis. Valdez! I'm so excited. She trained Sis. Huch, my MTC companion, and now she's coming to be my companion! I'm really excited to be able to work with her and talk to her. It's gonna be good! But yes, I will miss Sis. Farnsworth, who is going to a town in AZ.

So yeah, big changes! Tomorrow I'll pick up my new companion and show her around this wonderful place! But with Sis. Farnsworth leaving, it made me stop and think about when I'm going to be leaving here, and I don't want to think about it yet. I can't imagine a place besides Kirtland, and I don't want to leave all the amazing people here! Sad. We went around to lots of members and investigators and less actives yesterday taking pictures and saying goodbye. Well I took pics for Sis. Farnsworth, I didn't take any pictures with anybody. Except Laurie's ferret....but yeah I don't want to go!! At least I'll be here for 6 more weeks, hopefully longer!!

So as for the four new investigators, man we worked so hard. We got 27 TTIs, which stands for Teach Testify Invite (a door approach basically where you teach a principle, like God is your loving Heavenly Father, testify and say I know He loves you and the message we have can bless your life, and then invite them to learn more). And TTIs don't count all the people who told us they weren't interested before we could TTI them!! So yeah basically we talked to tons of new people, and met lots of people who are potential investigators. But for this week we got one, which is still better than the last 5 weeks where we got 0. So hooray!! And it only happened because of a bee!

I call this the Miracle of the Bee. We were knocking on some doors on Friday and decided to stop by a lady we had met earlier in the week.  We had talked to her for a while on her doorstep and she had told us to come back, so we knocked and she opened the door. We were talking to her for about 15 minutes outside, hoping and praying that we were going to be able to have a lesson with her. While we were standing there and just as I was beginning to lose hope of having a lesson, a bee started buzzing around my head, and I just held very still so it would go away. But it wouldn't and this sweet woman started shooing at the bee, which made me worried it was going to get mad and sting me since she was swatting at it. So I cringed a little and she said why don't you come inside for a minute. SWEET. So we went inside, talked for a few more minutes, and then Sis. Farnsworth asked if we could share a quick message and she said sure. So look at that, Heavenly Father has a sense of humor because He said all she needs is a little bee to push her in the right direction. Miracles happen people, and that right there is evidence of that!!!

It's too hot. Way too hot. And I thought the wind would be nice because it would cool it down, and it does...but it also carries the dust and the debris. So gross, you get covered in dirt sweat. But hey I'm getting a watch tan!! And at zone conference a couple weeks ago, there was an Elder who told us that we looked tan, and I tried not to laugh because I thought me, tan? No. But it's happening!! And I'm so excited!!! But not for knocking on doors in the heat. Not fun. But it's the Lord's work, and I know it'll be so great!!

We found a less active lady!! She told us that she really wants to come back. She hasn't been active since she was 15, and she's almost 60 now, and she wants her grandkids to come and grow up knowing God, which hasn't happened yet. So we're hoping that she'll come to church! She didn't come yesterday, but she will come if we keep visiting her!! She's ready.

Also this week, we went and visited Sis. H, as usual, and she invited us in to have a snack with her and her son, because she was making a snack when we went over. Their snack is half of an apple with salt and peanut butter and crackers. It was so good, and so cute!!

L is doing great! Her son got sick yesterday and she couldn't come to church, but we taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and she has almost no problems! Her doctor told her to drink half a cup of coffee every morning, but she's going to talk to him and see if there's an alternative. So yay!

Well we're off to Shiprock for a zone activity (that's where the other district in our zone is located...have you figured out all the missionary terminology yet? It's okay if you haven't cuz it's a lot!)! I'm excited because they have an actual grocery store. So yes, fresh products!! I'm spending my money on veggies and fruits, and that's it!! And then tomorrow I get to do a little shopping in Farmington too since I'm picking up my companion there and we're only allowed to go one time. So just a quick stop. But Shiprock is going to be fun!! We got permission to go hang out with the Shiprock district last week and we played Curses (which is one of the best games ever) and Ligretto, which is Nertz but with cards (so like mass intense solitaire). Last week was probably the best p-day I've had on my mission, because we just got to play games and have fun together!! 

Your challenge this week is to talk to somebody new! Those of you at school it should be easy, because there's more people. But if you don't have school then I guess you gotta find somebody to talk to! You don't have to share your testimony or give them a Book of Mormon...just show them that SOMEBODY out there cares enough to go out of their day and talk to 'em. You can do it!!

Your scripture is Alma 46:20-21! Why did I pick it? Because the people RAN to make their covenants with the Lord!! That just shows you how important covenants are, and the feelings that we should have towards making covenants.

I love you all lots and lots!! And for all you women, happy early Mothers Day!! 

Keep on going, and if you need to, stop and get a snack (that's what one of the guys who said no told us this week when we asked him who we should visit).

Little Aria & her Ferret
The District

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