May 23, 2014

The Gospel Is Not Weight, It Is Wings

Hello everyone!

It was a difficult week.  Two of our investigators dropped us. It was so sad, and it made everything double hard!  I know that the Lord is just making a path for us to be able to teach new, more prepared people, and that this is all a part of His plan!! Plus, the work we do is not about baptisms, it's about the people and bringing them closer to Christ, and I've sure tried my hardest with both of those investigators!!  But yeah I cried myself to sleep those nights. Okay not to sleep, but I did cry.

In food adventures this week, we ate pizza from Dominos two days in a row, and I also ate elk enchiladas. So instead of hamburger meat it was elk meat. It was pretty good, but a little too greasy for me. But I also made tacos for Sis. Valdez and I, so that was super good.

We got a new bishop, and he's a convert. He converted when he was in his twenties and he used to be Catholic, so it's pretty cool!! And his two counselors are some really amazing guys as well and I'm so excited to work with them!! They're all super funny.

PS I bought a ring this week!! It's pretty cool...from the 70s at the latest, so it's pretty old, and it's a Navajo wedding band. I love it! 

I burned weeds for the first time last week! A guy out on the Rez has us help him in his yard, and he had us burn weeds. Man it's so gotta try it sometime. But don't do it when it's windy cuz it's an extreme fire hazard...I mean you are basically flame throwing the weeds, so. Yeah it's pretty cool and I felt like a boss doing it.

WE got a new investigator, yay!, and we were talking about the BOok of Mormon with her and her dad. And while her dad went off on tangents, she was reading from the Book of Mormon right there!! It was awesome. SO cool.

Alright I'm out of time!! Sorry that was like an explosion of words and thoughts, but I got it out!! I love you all so much!!

Your challenge this week is to deny yourself of one good thing everyday (like chocolate for example) because I heard that it makes you a happy person!

ANd your scripture is D&C 88:22!!

Have fantastic weeks you all!!

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