March 4, 2014

The more dark the world gets, the more people will be searching.

A sweet little lady we visited last week told us that and I just thought it was an awesome little phrase!

Okay so I thought that because we were in the desert it would be easy to avoid seafood, but apparently not because this week I had to eat it again. We went over to a Philipino member's home and she had made tuna, crab, shrimp, and a little bit of chicken just in case. But there was also homemade fried rice which was fantastic (we got leftovers...mmmmm). So I tried the shrimp. Seafood just takes so much work! I mean I had to peel off the shell and pull out the tail and I was like how much work do I have to do to get this little piece of fish meat?? But then the shrimp was actually pretty good....yeah I was weirded out that I liked it too. It was garlic shrimp so maybe that masked the fishy taste but it was good. And I don't like crab. I tried it...nope. Not for me. But the chicken was really good! I didn't even want to try the tuna, so I left it alone. Oh and side note this lady has a ton of chickens, enough that they produce dozens of eggs everyday. So they gave Sis. Farnsworth and I each a dozen eggs, too. So hooray for fresh eggs! I'm super excited for that.

Thank you for all the letters and packages!! I have been loving the chocolate in the boxes because it's such a treat (the Dollar Store just doesn't cut it). But guess what........I get to go to Walmart today!! I never thought I'd be so happy to go to Walmart, but I am. And it's only about 20 minutes away, but because it's out of my area they don't want us to go there. Like we have to call the district leader to get permission to call the zone leaders to get permission to call president and get permission to go to Farmington. It's pretty crazy, so they let us go at the beginning of every month. I'm stocking up on tons of stuff, for sure.

So this week stories...lets see. Well on Wednesday-ish (the days all blend together, I dont know when for sure) we had interviews with President Batt. And then we had to teach his wife, Sister Batt, a quick lesson just so they can make sure we're on the right track. And they both told me it sounded like I was doing great! So that was a confidence boost for sure. Then Sister Batt actually came out with us for a little bit, and we were able to go visit two people with her. We visited a lady named Fern Harris, who is amazing!! I love her so much. She's 100 years old and had just gotten out of the hospital because of some surgery. If you look at her, you know she's 100, but then she starts talking and moving around and your jaw just drops. She walks with a cane. Yeah she walks!! And she told us that her secret is dancing (which yes, she still does). And we have also determined that pickles make your life longer. She eats pickles with almost every meal since she was young, and I believe that's the cure. So I'm buying myself a jar of pickles today, so I can live longer.

Then oh my gosh it must have been raining lots in California, because everyone keeps saying that's where our rain is coming from. Some of the roads have flooded, that's how much rain there is. And there's no drains here because it hardly ever rains, so it's muddy all over the place, especially on the Rez. Sometime in the later part of the week it was just pouring in the afternoon, and it was so crazy! We knocked on this one guy's house to meet him and see if he was interested in the gospel. And he lived in a trailer so we were just standing on the ground in the pouring rain, waiting for him to answer the door. And finally he opened his door but left the screen glass door closed and I asked him if he had ever talked to missionaries before. And he said no, so I told him we build people's faith in Jesus Christ and he says "we don't worship Jesus here" but Sis. Farnsworth thought he said he did, so she started talking about how great that was and I said no, he said he doesn't. And then it got really awkward. Haha but it was a funny moment for both of us!

So yesterday in church, I met a member that I haven't talked to yet, and he said " know, most of the Garcias around here have a different color skin." And I just started laughing. And then he told me that I was a pretty Garcia. But don't worry, he was an old man and was not trying to flirt with me. And I told you it would come up, me being a white Garcia!! Luckily no one here has tried to speak Spanish with me...that would get real awkward.

We got another one of our investigators on date to be baptized!! Sister Farnsworth calls that feeling of excitement Christmas, because we are just so excited for that day. His name is Ryan and he's a young dad of 2 kids, and we think his wife is leaving him. He's been having a rough few weeks and his wife is living at her mom's house, so we think that something happened. But we don't want to pry. We taught him the Plan of Salvation with some members in our ward, and he seemed to totally get it! It was fantastic. And he was like yeah, I wanna be baptized. Awesome!! We're so excited for him.

And we got another new investigator last night!! His name is Elsha and he grew up in Salt Lake, not a member but is interested in what we have to say. He's a church hopper and hasn't really been able to settle on one, but is just really curious about the Mormon religion. We just kind of answered some of his questions that he had about the Book of Mormon and we're headed back on Wednesday. And his girlfriend, Diamond (similar situation to him...born and raised in Utah and hasn't settled on a religion) will be there on Wednesday, and we will teach them the Restoration. We're so excited!!!

I love being a missionary, guys! All you future missionaries, start reading Preach My Gospel ASAP! It's so important but I don't have much time to read it now! And EVERYONE!!! Watch hastening the work videos! My personal favorite is called Priesthood Duty. If you go to and search hastening the work and then click on the first link, then go to members and missionaries tab, there are tons of awesome videos that we show people all the time. But my favorite is Priesthood Duty...about a boy named Hector. I hope you love it too, so watch it if you get a chance!! That's your challenge for this a hastening the work video and a Mormon message and then consider the impact it can have in your life and what you should do after watching it.

Love you lots and lots! Big hugs to you all!

Sister Garcia

p.s.  Also! Sorry I forgot to say this. Tuesday was all service. Like we helped a family move boxes cuz they're getting ready to move, and then we helped Bro. Bond with his yard (he apparently grows and sells his own vegetables and fruits which is just fantastic). And then we cleaned a lady's garage, so that was a ton of service and it was so fun. And on that day I also met a couple from Germany that we were able to have a little lesson with, and it was great!

And I ate dinner with a family who is cousins with the people who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. Fun fact. The little boy in the family tried to give us their address because he thought they needed the gospel, which they do, but they're also currently in a mental institution. So yeah that was interesting.

Kay love you!! Til next week!
Sister Garcia

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