March 10, 2014

Let the Spirit Go to Work!

Sign in Goodwill, English/Navajo
Sis. Garcia & Sis. Farnsworth
Mission Wheels
Ya'a'teh, a' ben'eh family!! That's hello and how are you in Navajo...I dunno how to spell it.
As per request from Daddio, here is a list of "mundane" things about the mission.
1. In my district there are five sisters and six elders. Elders Beck and Davis are the zone leaders, Elder Edwards is the district leader, and his companion is Elder Gnehm (pronounced Nem), and the other two are Elders Thompson and Greenhalgh. The sisters (we live with them) are Sisters Baird, Nava, and Leafty. And then Sister Farnsworth and I. We cover the 5 wards in Kirtland, NM. I am in Kirtland 1st ward.

2. My truck, which I finally got a picture of, is a Nissan Frontier, 2014. It's beautiful until it rains because then the dust picks up on the car and it gets all muddy and less pretty. Sigh, New Mexico problems.

3. We have a 700 mile limit a month...that way we can make it out to the rez once or twice a week. And Farmington once (sniff).

4. Our ward isn't too big...if everyone sat in the pews, we would almost fill it up I think. And I feel like the majority of the ward is either young couples or old couples...there's not that many youth in the ward. Weird but cool. And we are the only ones in the ward.

5. I don't know how many missionaries are in this mission...I've heard about 200ish, maybe like 220? But I don't know really.
Okay so to fun stuff!!
No seafood this week, which I was so happy about. But okay so Monday we went to Farmington!! I bought myself a green shirt at Target so I wouldn't get pinched on St. Patricks day next week. We ate at Costa Vida and it was so good. Then we stopped by the Mission Home and I ordered myself a Navajo nametag! It'll be here in a few weeks she said, so that's exciting. We went to a place called Clothing Revival, which is a place for new and used clothes for cheap. My companion wanted to go, and I experienced culture shock. Yes, I"ve only been out a little more than a month and I experienced my first dose of culture shock. They were playing some "worldly" music and I was so uncomfortable inside. I always thought that it was a joke, adjusting back to normal life, but I guess it's a real thing! I was so happy to get back in the car and listen to some good ol' Kenneth Cope (thanks Bro!)
Walmart was great, and I went to Sonic too for happy hour. Oh it was so wonderful. Loved it!
So we had dinner with Lindsey this week! Her boyfriend makes some really good food, and it was awesome. We had pork chops. So good. And then we had donuts for dessert from (siblings look away) Dunkin Donuts. Lindsey ate five in front of us while we read the Book of Mormon to her...yeah that was interesting.
Then we visited all the old ladies in our ward! So fun. Fern Harris is up and running still and is still giving us chocolate from Valentines Day. She's so cute. And we visited with Sandra Schreiter, who served a mission in Texas before it was cool to serve a mission, and a lady named Barbara Payne who lost her husband about a year ago. They're all so sweet and I love them all so much!! I wish I could visit them everyday, and that you could meet them all! They're all fantastic and I have decided that I want to go visit old ladies when I get home from my mission.
We tracted an RV park this week! We know the couple who are the hosts, and they told us to go ahead and tract it, so we did. We met a guy named Johnny who told us he is in the Grand Ole Opry and is getting ready to go on tour. He was hilarious. Not interested in the gospel, but still an awesome guy.
Okay I'm going to tell you about Nacho! His name is Ignacio legitimately like the movie Nacho Libre. Everytime we talk about visiting him I'm like yes, Nachoooooooo! And then we quote the movie. Awesome! Love it. He's a less active and we had a lesson with him this week about the Restoration. His goal for the year is to make it to the temple!! So excited for him!!
This week was kind of sad because a lot of our appointments with investigators fell through, but we had members with us ready to go. So it was sad, but I know that that's a part of missionary work.
Okay and if you think daylight savings is bad when you have early morning church, try being a missionary. That was so miserable. We still had to go to bed at usual time, 10:30, but we had to wake up an hour before we usually do because of the time change. Worst. Nights. Sleep. Ever. Horrible! I'm so excited to take a nap today because I have to catch up on missed time! Horrible. I can't wait to fall back and get an extra hour of sleep.
Your challenge this week is to read your favorite scripture story! Why? Because you can! If you love Abinadi, read the story of Abinadi; if you love Noah, read about Noah; if you love Nephi read Nephi. Just read it!! And look for something that you can improve on!
I read Enos this morning, and I have a new appreciation for him. I love the way he prays, and that's the way I wanna say my prayers from now on...with diligence and a struggle in the Spirit (which I take as just praying really sincerely and listening to the Spirit).
There's a lady, Trideana Foster, who we visit that's less active who's been reading her favorite stories, and you can see the difference it's making!! It's so cool. And I know that if you read those stories, that you'll be able to have a more firm desire to follow and more conviction to the Savior. Who doesn't want that?
Scripture for the week: last verse of Enos…"And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. Amen."

Love you all!!
Sister Garcia

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