February 24, 2014

We Are NOT Blessed Because of our worthiness...we are not forsaken because of our unworthiness!!

Hello all!

So I decided that all my emails are going to be titled with a quote of some sort that I learned this week.

So more about the area!! We had a crazy dust storm this week that was ridiculous. We were cleaning a less actives garage and all of a sudden this wind that my companion (from Kansas, remember?) said reminded her of tornado wind. Yeah that's how bad it was. And because it's so dry here, the dust was madness. We had to squint to walk up to a door and hold our skirts down so we weren't scandalous missionaries. It was so bad. The air looked like Fresno...meaning you could see the nastiness in it. ANd then the next day you looked in people's backyards and it looked like those ball containers at Walmart...the ones that have nets and the big bouncy balls? Yeah those. Except it was a fence and tumbleweeds. It was craziness. But kinda funny.

Also, there is NO Walmart or Target in my area! It's ridiculous. And we are only allowed to go to Farmington (where those places exist) once a month. So I've been shopping at the Dollar Stores for all of my groceries. It's craziness. But I'll make it somehow. We get to go to Farmington next week, which I'm super happy about. Also, all dogs are crazy here. I don't know if I said that yet but everyone either has chihuahas or huge evil looking dogs. There are no in betweens. I think I've seen maybe two other dogs besides the big ones and the rat ones. And most people have multiple chihuahas. And especially on the reservation, the dogs are all suicidal. ALL OF THEM. They try and run out in front of our truck and it scares me everytime I do! I don't want to ruin the dogs!

Okay so more people!! This week was FANTASTIC. We didn't get as many lessons this week...last week we had 24 and then this week we had 19 (and that's just less actives and recent convert lessons, and investigators...so not including all the members we visited). But DRUMROLL.....we got THREE new investigators!! Yeah 3!! As in the three amigos!! One of them is a lady named Driscilla (like Priscilla but with a d) who cares for 4 of her 10 grandkids, and she let us in and we taught her the Restoration. And oh my goodness the spirit was so strong! SO strong! And the way it fell, I got to recite the First Vision. And I've learned that that is probably the most powerful tool that we have as missionaries: reciting the First Vision. So all you future missionaries out there, start now! And practice saying it slowly! It's incredible because the Spirit literally fills the room and overflows in your heart, and I was so blessed to be able to say it. And as long as you look them in the eyes, they can't help but feel it too. As soon as I said it, you could see it in her eyes that she felt something different, something that she liked. It was so awesome. We're going back this coming weekend, and I'm so excited!!

The other two are a mother daughter, Leita (leet-uh) and Caitlyn. Caitlyn we were told has been looking for a church to go to for a while. They pray everynight, and I think together, too, but they don't go to church all that often. So Leita, the mom, has been praying to know which church to go to. Sound like anyone we know? Yeah, talk about being prepared!! And the cool thing is is that we tried all week to have a lesson with them, but they were always busy, but told us to come back, and we finally caught them yesterday right before dinner. So we got to teach them and talk with them, which is how we found that out. Leita told her husband Dan that morning that she had thought that maybe we were the answer God was sending her and that it wasn't good that she had kept closing the door on us. And we were thinking YES!!! We are your answer!! So then we went into the Restoration, and again, I got to say the first vision. And again, the Spirit was so strong. And they were so willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true!! So we were jumping up and down when we got back in the car, and we were totally screaming in excitement. Because it's so awesome that we were able to do that! And even if none of the three people get baptized while I'm here, or if something happens and they don't want to hear from us anymore, I will stiill be happy because I will know that they felt the Spirit and I was able to plant that seed with Heavenly Father's divine aid. It's just so exciting.

And okay I'm going to toot my own horn a little bit because I was so brave this week. So brave. I ate salmon. That's right, the girl who hates all seafood ate salmon for dinner last night. The whole. Stinking. Fish. But I'm so proud of myself for not vomiting! My stomach was not very happy after we left, it kept moving around so it felt like I was going to throw up, but I didn't. And I decided that I wouldn't eat it at a restaurant, but if somebody made it for me I could eat it and not vomit. So that was awesome. But it was probably only because I prayed that I was able to eat it. So thanks Heavenly Father!

Oh, and birthday shout outs to Grandma and Grandpa Ingram!! I meant to do that last week, but I was just so stressed out from missing last pday emailing that I forgot. Sorry. But I remembered this week!

Also, random side thought, I am thinking about getting a Navajo nametag. You can order them through the mission home for like 4 dollars and I was thinking it might be worth it to get one in Navajo. Just because that would be super cool. And it's actually pretty neat because it says Jesus Christ right under your name, and then the name of the church in Navajo underneath that. So literally, Jesus Christ would be supporting my name when I wore it. Just a thought that I was having.

Also, a lady on the rez named Lenora is an investigator. But she's legitimately insane, I think. She asked us to help her sort papers that she "might" need if someone questions her, and these were papers from like 4 years ago. It's crazy. But we did it for about two hours, because her eyesight is failing. She's blind in one eye and almost in the other, and is very sensitive about who knows it and who doesn't. She doesn't want to tell many people, which is why she asked us who already knew for help. Crazy. But we helped her anyways and we're probably going back this week. And we tried to teach her the Restoration, but only got through God is Our Loving Heavenly Father (the FIRST point of that lesson) because she was talking about her eyes and her family so long. But she's super sweet, don't get me wrong. She gave us doritos and juice before we left.

Okay your challenge for this week is to read a conference talk! I'm reading one from one of the 70s about missionaries, and it's super good. So read a conference talk, whatever you're prompted to read, and then ponder it! It's when you ponder it that you will really be able to receive that guidance and revelation from Heavenly Father. So listen! And the scripture for the week is Alma 40:8.

Love you all lots and lots and LOTS!
Sister Garcia.

P.S. This week I turn one month old!!! Pretty crazy, huh? And I found out that I will be on my mission for 18.5 months because of the two weeks in the MTC, which I'm so happy about! Fun fact.

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