February 21, 2014

1st Stop, Kirtland, NM!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. So fantastically fun. It's so great to be able to testify to people that you know what you're about is true and that it's God's work, God's church, not yours. It's also terrifying and awkward at first, but whatever I still love it and I'm getting better!!

So the rundown of the last week and a half...I made my MTC teacher cry on the last day because he put us in pairs (he paired us together) and we exchanged things we were worried about. His worry was something he's struggled with his whole life...feeling like he can't be loved for mistakes he makes and has made. So I prayed super hard and stumbled on D&C 95:1 which is one of my new favorite scriptures. Stop and look it up now so you can feel of it's awesome power!!

Okay hello again. So yeah that's a bomb scripture that I absolutely adore. I had him read it and then he just sat there and a tear ran down his cheek and I was like oh my goodness the Spirit is for real. I knew that of course but it was just super cool to know that the Spirit worked through me to help him realize that he's doing great and that he's loved through everything. Awesome.

Okay so yeah MTC is done! Whoo!  I've been assigned to Kirtland, NM.  It's fantastic here. The weather has been just perfect. The sky is beautiful and OH MY GOODNESS stars exist. I don't remember the last time I wanted to just sit outside and look at the sky even when it wasn't night time! I love it. The rest of it is all brown and ugly though, worse than CA. But then you see the rock formations and it's beautiful again.

Drumroll please.....YES is the answer. My area does cover a little bit of the reservation. Ta-dah! It's called Upper Fruitland and we are able to go out there about twice a week with our mileage allowance for the month. It's super cool. We went out there the first day and I was freaking out inside. I didn't know what to expect or how to act. But then I got out there and met this adorable lady named Carol who was just the sweetest person ever. We're going out to visit her again today. She's less active and is missing lots of teeth, so it's hard to understand her sometimes, but I love her. And then I loved the reservation. It's a completely different lifestyle and yet it's so cool. The people there have so much faith. I met another couple out there on Saturday, the Williams, and they are so strong. It's awesome. And humbling and makes you appreciate all the things you have.

I had my first door slammed in my face! Most people are really nice about letting us talk to them and then declining or saying yeah sure come back later, but this guy was different. He openend the door, said hi, bye, and closed the door again. At first I thought he was joking and then I was like oh wait that's not good. And then I just felt super sad...not because the door was slammed in my face but because he wasn't willing to listen. I wanted him to hear what we had to say so bad that it was so disheartening. But then I realize that I am so grateful that I could have such charity for him, because I didn't know that was possible.

Charity is one thing I'm really grateful for, especially as a missionary. Because you walk into these strangers homes and have this incredible love for them that you can't even describe. It's great and I never want to lose it!

So we met this guy named Wayne the other day. He's hilarious and kind of sketch and real awkward. He's 74....start aquiring the mental picture...has white hair that is sticking out all over the place...and isn't wearing a shirt. And he has to hold his pants up while he's talking to us. So awkward. And he is a talker. So we stood on his doorstep for 30 minutes, literally, I looked, and he told us about the scars on his chest (which we tried so hard not to look at) and about how people are so weird for saying they believe in the Bible and peacable teachings and yet they send people to war and the schedules of all of his neighbors. And we're going back to visit him this week. Don't worry, we won't die, we have the Lord on our side! Remember that!

Also quickly cuz I'm running out of time....we visited Brigham Young Jr.'s house yesterday! A lady in one of the other wards restored it and it is incredible and I so want to go back once my mission is over. It looks a lot like the Beehive House in SLC with the wood trimmings and such. It's awesome.

Thank you for all of your prayers and all of your love! I feel it all the time and I am so blessed to have you all! Your challenge for this week is to pick a scripture that has a Christ like attribute in it and then develop it! I'm working on patience because as I mentioned it's hard for me. But yes, pick one, read conference talks, read scriptures, ponder it, pray about developing it, and then act on the impressions you get! And be more Christ like!

Luke 1:37
Lots of love!
Sister Garcia

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