February 11, 2014

MTC Sister Training Leader

I was called as a Sister Training Leader for my zone...I'll be released on Sunday but basically what it means is that we report to the zone leaders that are elders and they tell the President how things are going every day or so. And it means that the new district of missionaries that came in on Wednesday were our responsibility. I'm basically a proud momma of 4 sisters and 4 elders. That's what the Branch President said,. And I love them all already! And I'll have to leave them all so soon! But they'll be all grown up and have their own callings officially on Sunday, so it'll be great for them.

Like I said, I hosted new missionaries on Wednesday! Basically I took them out of their cars and only gave them about 5 minutes max to say by...it was sad because there was one mom in a passenger seat who I watched drive away and she was just sobbing into her hands. I almost cried...but I didn't because the sisters I hosted need a strong example of it's gonna be great! And I had so much fun helping them to their rooms and telling all the newbies welcome to the mtc. It was so great! I love people. And luckily the sisters I hosted weren't very tearful...just like one or two or none and then they were done. So fun and such a sweet experience! Its strange to think about how that was me just a few days ago, haha!

Sundays at the MTC are the coolest. There are so many different devotionals to go to on top of the three hours of church and a walk to the temple and lots of love from everyone. And we are able to watch a "movie" which is just a recorded devotional which is absolutely incredible. I love it so much!!  My MTC experience has been amazing!

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