January 31, 2014

The MTC!

So what to know about the MTC...the food is not as bad as they say it is...it's extremely overwhelming on the first day...everybody is super nice and super happy...they say "if you can make it to Sunday, you'll be just great"...you have to wear a dork dot (a bright orange sticker) on your name tag the first day, and everyone screams "welcome to the MTC" at you...you start learning immediately.

So on the first day at the MTC, we met our companions and had a quick lesson and went to a workshop. That was probably the coolest experience so far. About fifty missionaries were put into a room and we had one investigator to teach. And we taught them together and learned as we went. So the first person we taught was Sarah G. (funny huh?). We learned a little about her and then tried to teach her a lesson by the Spirit. It was really neat because as soon as I thought of something to say, someone would pop up and say what I was thinking. But then we started to ask the same question in a different way, which kind of frustrated her. But Elder bore a powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and it ended perfectly.

The next person we taught was Chae (pronounced Chay) and she was a mom who lived in Provo because of her boyfriend's job and loved her amazing neighbors. We taught her, and it was great! It went better than the first one did.

But the last person we taught was the best. His name was Ree-jay and he had just moved to Provo because his friend asked him to. When we started talking, all we could say was how loved he was. And all he could ask was why. Why did we love him? How could we love someone we just met? It seemed so fake, he said. Well one Elder got up and bore his testimony of how much God loves Ree-jay, and how he knows because he could feel that in the pre-mortal life, Ree-jay had told him "Don't give up on me, brother, no matter what I say." Well Ree-jay broke down in tears and he told us that four months ago, his brother shot himself, and the last thing he had said to him was "you'd be better off dead." The room was so quiet and the Spirit was so strong that the air felt thick. After a moment of silence, another Elder got up and told him two things. One: that no matter what, God loves him and cares for him and just wants him to return to Him. And two: he promised that Ree-jay's brother is waiting for him in heaven, waiting to give him a hug and tell him it's okay. And then Ree-jay asked if we could sing Families Can Be Together Forever, because it's what one of his member friends sang at his brother's funeral. It was so, so powerful, and I know that families really are forever.

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