June 23, 2013

Word(s) of the Week: Be and Do

My thoughts today are inspired by a talk given by Lynn G. Robbins, a man called as a servant of God to lead and guide the world. His talk is entitled "What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be?" and was given in April of 2011. It is one of my all-time favorites.

Be and do are absolutely amazing, but their ties together can sometimes cause confusion. To be means to live or feel a certain way. To do means to perform something, to act a certain way. They seem to be complete opposites, and yet they are forever entwined. Being requires action; without action, there is  no point to be something. It's like when a kid tells you he wants to be a vet. Well, he can't be a vet unless he does the things a vet does, unless he takes care of animals and treats them correctly. The opposite is also true. To do something without living it is futile. It's what we call hypocritical.

Think of being as the heart. Being is mostly ideas or feelings. You can be diligent, you can be happy, you can be smart. But a heart can't move around on it's own. That's why it has a body. Think of the body as doing. You can run, you can do homework, you can clean. But a body needs a beating heart to do all that it can. Being and doing are as inseparably connected as a heart and a body. They need each other to function wholly, to fulfill their potential and enlarge what they've been given.

So this week, dare to be, dare to do. Do something nice, and mean it. Be something great, and do what it takes to get there.

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