June 21, 2013

"Hey Man, Learn to Adjust!"

Oh, the profound words of Ronn Lucas and his sock puppets. A little background. Ronn Lucas is a ventriloquist. In his movie, Who's In Charge Here?, he makes a Spanish-speaking sock puppet and asks it to count to 10. And so it counts: "Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinqo, six-o, seven-o, eight-o, nine-o, and ten-o." Ronn Lucas looks at the puppet confusedly and says "that's not how it goes." And thus, that wonderful phrase is born.

So. What does that mean to you and I? I would say that it's all about change. Change is always happening, it's not something that you can always predict or control. There are seemingly uncontrollable and inevitable events that occur in our lives, and we just have to "learn to adjust."

It's like moving into a college dorm. You have a set routine and method to your madness that you've been practicing for 18 years. Suddenly, you're thrown into another room with a person who has his or her own routine and method that interrupt yours. But all you have to do is tweak your routine a bit and learn to cooperate and life can be blissful.

Adjusting to change is never easy. But it's very necessary to success. Can you imagine a world that never changed? How terrible! We wouldn't have any of the wonderful inventions that we have today, and we wouldn't have as much creativity. We would be wasting our lives if we never changed. It's important. It's hard. But once we learn to adjust, I think the rest just falls into place.

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