June 27, 2013

Within Reach

It seems that the bad things in life are within our grasp. It's easy to reach the remote and watch TV for hours on end. It's easy to reach inappropriate websites on the internet. It's easy to reach out to your friends by hurting someone else. It's easy to reach across the table and play your cards to gamble a little more.

Why are the hard things the most easily accessible? Because it's our job to be able to stand against those things and avoid the temptation. This mortal sojourn is but a test, and we can succeed by avoiding the things we know are wrong.

The good things are within our reach, too, though. The scriptures are always in reach; our parents are in reach; it's within our reach to serve; our Heavenly Father is always in our reach. I would even venture to say that exaltation is in our reach. But the only way things like exaltation can be in our reach is if we turn to the Lord. He will help us to attain whatever good thing that we desire.

And if you don't believe me, find out for yourself.

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