June 16, 2013


Goodbyes are complicated. They are sad and sometimes lonely, but they are also sweet and opportunistic. They make you feel so many different emotions all at once: gratitude, pain, love, sadness, hope, desperation. But overall, I think goodbyes are good for us. 

Goodbyes are a time to reflect, a time to remember all of the sweet memories that we've shared. It's an opportunity to right the wrong before it's too late, a chance to say what hasn't yet been said, a moment to express what they've done for you; because I guarantee that they've somehow made a difference.

Though goodbyes are hard, I think they are necessary. In a sense, we say goodbye to our sins when we repent. We let go of the things holding us back. We say goodbye to our families and our friends when we start our own lives. But we leave knowing that they've done all they could to help us and that we are ready to start on our journey.

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