June 14, 2013

Broken Things

"Broken" by Kenneth Cope

I think we often associate the word broken with things we've done wrong, things that aren't very good. Like breaking a vase. But Kenneth Cope has taken this word and turned it into something truly good. Some broken things are not bad, like pride. Broken pride leaves us humble and open to change for the better.

My favorite line: "Praise His name, my God loves broken things."

We are broken. Every single one of us, we are imperfect. But when we offer our broken, imperfect hearts to the Savior, He will mend them. With His love, He will heal our broken, imperfect souls. And that is such a glorious gift! The perfect Being that our sins sent to suffer on the cross loves me enough, loves YOU enough, to fix what you can't and bring you home to your Father in Heaven.

Praise His name, for my God loves broken me.

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