May 31, 2013

Kings and Queens

A king and a queen in chess...which is more important? Queens can move anywhere, almost anyhow. They can move an unlimited number of squares, so long as their move follows the rules of chess. Kings can only move one space in any direction; but without the king, there would be no game. If the king is taken out, the game is over. The queen needs the king to move her unlimited squares, but the king needs the queen to protect him and keep him strong. So is either really more important? I don't think so. I think that their roles are together. They work together to win the game.

Let's translate that to real life. Instead of kings and queens, we have men and women. Worthy priesthood holders, men, can make a small move in any direction. They have the power to make those decisions that control the entire game, that control the way their life plays out. But the decisions these worthy men make not only affect their own lives, but everyone else who comes into their lives as well. Especially their queen.

Women have the power to make any decisions in their life and they can go far. They are free. But, it is their job to protect the king, to protect the sacred power that he holds. She moves around and makes sure that he is safe, wherever he is in whatever he does. She supports him and keeps him strong so that their lives can continue to be strong and full of victory.

Together, they are a powerful team. As man and woman, husband and wife, the king and queen control the game. They run the show. They bring victory, and if they lose, they are able to learn and change the outcome of the next game. They are powerful. One without the other cannot function to the best of their abilities. Men and women need each other to reach their full potentials.

Just a thought.

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