April 21, 2013

Word of the Week: Time

I am crazy and decided to do the 31 Day Nail Challenge (it's just what it sounds like...a new nail design every day for a month). Lately, I've almost been dreading having to do my nails because I've pretty much used up all of my creativity. But the bigger issue is that it eats up a lot of the precious time I have during the day.

Have we ever wished that there could be more than 24 hours in a day? My French teacher loves to play games to help us remember the language. We hardly ever get to play any, though, because we have to learn before we can have fun. She jokes that on her gravestone, she will have "So many games, too little time," written under her name.

I think that this is a really profound statement: "So many games, so little time." We get so caught up in the things that have to get done that sometimes we forget to have fun along the way. And then we run out of time. The day is over, the week has past; maybe even years have gone by. What are we doing with the precious little time that we have?

So many _______, too little time. Fill in the blank for yourself. Is the stuff you are spending time on worth it? Will it matter 5 or 10 years down the road? 

I think my saying would go something like "So many possibilities, too little time." There is so much that I can be doing with my life, so much I will be doing. Our lives are fraught with possibilities and we won't have the time to do it all on our mortal journeys. We need to pick and choose what we do. That's when the principle of Good, Better, Best comes into play.

Do good, be better, live best, and we will look back on our short sojourn of life and smile because we spent our time wisely.

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