April 21, 2013

To the Future

I went on a double date this last weekend. The guy who asked me is probably the nicest person on the planet. He is so nice, that he will sacrifice his happiness to make everybody else happy. He is always happy and smiley, and I was really surprised that he asked me. He made me feel important.

After the date, I realized that this nice young man taught me something that I needed to know. I learned that my husband is going to have to be pretty stinkin' amazing. I have real high standards for him. I want him to open the door for me. I want to have deep conversations with him. I want him to pick me up and drop me off at my doorstep. I want to sit in silence with him and have a conversation without words.

And then I realized that if I want my future man to be like that, then I need to be just as good. I need to be willing to listen when he talks. I need to let him open the doors for me. I need to be there for him as much as he will be for me. I've got a lot of work to do, and I hope my future husband is working as hard as I am and not lowering his standards.

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